1 Samuel 2:1-11

Hannah praises the Lord

1 Hannah prayed and she said,

‘I am very happy when I think about what the Lord has done.

The Lord has made me very strong.

I can laugh at my enemies because you, Lord, have saved me.

That makes me very happy.

2 Nobody else is holy like the Lord.

There is no other God except you, our God.

You are the only Rock where we can be safe.

2:2The Lord is often called a rock, because he is a strong place where we can hide and be safe.

3 Do not boast or speak proud words!

The Lord is a God who knows everything.

He judges everything that people do.

4 The weapons of brave soldiers may break.

But weak people who fall become strong again.

5 People who had plenty of food to eat have to work for it now.

But the people who were hungry have enough food now.

Women who could not have any children have now given birth to seven children.

But those who had many children are now alone.

6 The Lord gives both life and death.

He sends some people to their graves,

and he raises other people up.

7 The Lord makes some people poor

and he makes other people rich.

He causes some people to be important

and he puts other people low down.

8 He raises up weak people from the ground.

He lifts poor people up out of the dirt.

He makes them become friends of princes.

He puts them in places of honour.

The deep places of the earth belong to the Lord.

He built the world on a strong foundation.

9 He takes care of his faithful people.

But he puts wicked people in a dark place where they can do nothing.

It is not a person's own strength that makes him great.

10 The Lord will destroy his enemies.

He will shout against them from heaven like loud thunder.

The Lord will judge everyone on earth.

He will make his king strong.

He will give power to the king that he has chosen to rule.’

11 Then Elkanah went back to his home at Ramah with his family. But the young boy, Samuel, stayed in Shiloh. He served the Lord there, while Eli the priest took care of him.