1 Chronicles 7:1-5

The descendants of Issachar

1 Issachar had four sons. They were Tola, Puah, Jashub and Shimron. 2 Tola's sons were Uzzi, Rephaiah, Jeriel, Jahmai, Ibsam and Samuel. They were leaders of their clans. Among Tola's descendants there were 22,600 brave soldiers when David was king. 3 Uzzi's son was Izrahiah. Izrahiah's sons were Michael, Obadiah, Joel and Isshiah. All those five men in Uzzi's family were leaders. 4 The books of their clans show that they had many wives and sons. They had 36,000 men who were ready to fight in the army. 5 The books of the clans of Issachar show that they had 87,000 brave soldiers.