1 Chronicles 28:1-10

David brings all his officers together

28:1All this happened in the last year of David's rule. It was about 970 BC.

1 David told all Israel's officers to come and meet with him in Jerusalem. They included:

  • The officers who had authority over Israel's tribes.
  • The leaders of the army groups that served the king.
  • The army officers who led groups of 1,000 soldiers or 100 soldiers.
  • The officers who had authority for the king's valuable things and animals.
  • The officers who had authority for the animals and things that belonged to the king's sons.
  • The officers in the king's palace.
  • The brave army officers and soldiers.
  • 2 King David stood up and he said, ‘Listen to me, my people. I wanted to build a house where we could put the Lord's Covenant Box. It would be like a place for our God to rest his feet. I prepared the things that I would need to build a temple. 3 But God said to me, “You are a fighter and you have killed many people in war. So you must not build a house to give honour to my name.” 

    4 But it was the Lord, Israel's God, who chose me to become Israel's king. He chose my family to rule Israel for all time. First, he chose the tribe of Judah to be the leader of Israel's people. Then he chose my father's family from among the clans of Judah. Finally, he chose me from among my father's sons. He made me king to rule over all Israel. 5 The Lord has given me many sons. Now he has chosen my son Solomon from among them to rule over his kingdom, Israel. 6 The Lord said to me, “Your son Solomon will build my temple and the yards around it. I have chosen him to become my son. And I will become his father. 7 He must always continue to obey my commands and my laws, as he now does. If he is careful to do that, I will make his kingdom strong for all time.”

    8 I am telling you this now, while we meet together as the Lord's people. All Israel's people, as well as our God, know what I have said. You must be careful to obey all the commands of the Lord your God. Then this good land will continue to be your home. And after you die it will belong to your descendants for ever.

    9 As for you, Solomon, my son, keep near to your father's God. Be happy to serve him faithfully in every way. The Lord knows what you are thinking. He understands all your thoughts. If you turn to him, you will find him. But if you turn away from him, he will leave you alone for ever. 10 You must realize that the Lord has chosen you to build a temple to be his special home. Now you must be strong! Do this work.’