1 Chronicles 1:43-54

Kings and leaders of Edom

43 These kings ruled in Edom before any kings ruled over Israel:

Bela son of Beor. The name of his city was Dinhabah.

44 When Bela died, Zerah's son Jobab ruled in Edom. He was from Bozrah.

45 When Jobab died, Husham then ruled. He was from the land of the Temanites.

46 When Husham died, Bedad's son Hadad then ruled. Bedad had won the war against the Midianites in the region of Moab. The name of his city was Avith.

47 When Hadad died, Samlah then ruled. He was from Masrekah.

48 When Samlah died, Shaul then ruled. He was from Rehoboth on the river.

49 When Shaul died, Akbor's son Baal-Hanan then ruled.

50 When Baal-Hanan died, Hadad then ruled. The name of his city was Pau. Hadad's wife was Mehetabel. She was Matred's daughter. Matred was the daughter of Me-Zahab.

51 King Hadad also died.

The leaders of the clans of Edom were: Timna, Alvah, Jetheth, 52 Oholibamah, Elah, Pinon, 53 Kenaz, Teman, Mibzar, 54 Magdiel and Iram. Those men were the leaders of Edom.