Following Jesus - A course for New Christians

This is a short course designed for new Christians. It can be used by pastors and Bible Study leaders in the developing world or by or people who speak English as a second language. We invite you to download, print, and use this course free of charge, as long as you include the Copyright Statement at the end of each document.

The files are either HTML or RTF format. If you are not sure which format you want or how to download a file, see Downloading EasyEnglish Publications.

John Hibberd

Lesson 1: What is a Christian? download as | HTML | RTF |

Lesson 2: How can I be sure of my faith? download as | HTML | RTF |

Lesson 3: Growing in the Christian Faith download as | HTML | RTF |

Lesson 4: What difference does following Jesus make? download as | HTML | RTF |

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