Jesus talks about the danger of having lots of money

Jesus explains to his *disciples the danger of having lots of money

Marion Cooper

This study is one of a series of Studies in Mark's Gospel in EasyEnglish.

A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.



Mark 10:23-27 (see Mark's Gospel in EasyEnglish)


A kingdom is a country where a king rules. The people who live in that country obey the king's rules. When we obey God's rules we live in his kingdom. Jesus said that it is very difficult for rich people to let God rule their lives. People who have lots of money may think too much about themselves and their life now. They may forget about the life that is in God's home called heaven. Rich people may think that they are more special than poor people are. Rich people may think that God loves them the most. They may think that money can always buy them everything that they want.

Jesus used a word picture to help his disciples to understand. A *camel is an animal that is the size of a horse. A needle is a tool that people use for sewing. It has a sharp point at one end and a small hole at the other end. The hole is called the *eye of the needle. It would be impossible for a camel to go through that hole. The disciples were very surprised by what Jesus said. They thought about it. How can it be possible for any person to enter God's kingdom? If it is so difficult for a rich person, can anyone live close to God? The disciples talked to each other. They did not ask Jesus any questions. But Jesus knew what they were thinking. And he knew what they were saying. He gave them a very clear answer.

No people can *save themselves. We cannot do special work to save ourselves. And we cannot give money to save ourselves. God offers us a place in his kingdom. He offers it as a special gift because he loves us very much. If we want the gift we must say 'yes, thank you'. God can do everything.

Questions to ask

V23   Why was Jesus talking only to his disciples?

V23   Why did Jesus say this?

V24   Why were the disciples surprised?

V24   Why did Jesus say the same thing again?

V25   Why did Jesus use a word picture to explain what he said?

V25   Why is it so difficult for a rich person to let God rule his or her life?

V26   Why did the disciples talk to each other? Did that help them to understand?

V27   Why did Jesus look at the disciples when he spoke to them?

Something to do

Is it wrong to have lots of money?

Is it difficult for poor people to let God rule their lives?

Jesus said 'God can do everything'. Try to remember that every day.

Words to explain

Camel ~ animal to carry people or things. It can walk for a long time without needing a drink.

Disciple ~ a person who wants to do the same things as another person and learn from them; a person who does what Jesus taught.

Eye of needle ~ a small hole at the end of a thin sharp piece of metal. People put thread through it when they make clothes.

Save ~ rescue from the influence and result of sin.