An angel visits Mary, then the angel visits Joseph

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The Christmas Story’

Elaine Young



An angel visits Mary, then the angel visits Joseph


An angel visited a girl called Mary.

Mary was engaged to a man called Joseph.

The angel said to Mary:

‘Don’t worry! God is with you.

You will become pregnant.

You will have a baby son.

You will call him Jesus.

He will be God’s son.

He will be a king for ever.’


Mary said to the angel:

‘How can I have a baby?

I am still a virgin.’


The angel answered:

‘God will give you his Spirit.

God will give you his power.

God can do anything.’


Mary said:

‘I want to please God.

I want to have this baby.’

Then the angel went away.


Joseph heard that Mary was pregnant.

He wanted to do the right thing.

He didn’t want Mary to be embarrassed.

He decided to end their engagement.


Then the angel came to Joseph too.

The angel said:

‘Joseph, don’t be frightened.

You should marry Mary.

The Holy Spirit has made Mary pregnant.

Mary will have a baby boy.

You must call him Jesus.

This name means that he will save people from sin.


So Joseph married Mary.

They did not sleep together until after the baby was born.

The baby was a boy.

They called him Jesus.




Luke 1:26-38

Matthew 1:18-25



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