Talking to God
Prayers from the Bible

by Helen M Seeley


Jabezís Prayer

(1 Chronicles chapter 4 verse 10)

Lord, you make me happy.

You give me good things.

Please make me more happy.

Please give me more good things.

Help me to thank you every day.

You are with me.

You help me.

You give me lots of good things.

Please stay with me every day.

Keep me safe every day.

Hannahís Prayer

(1 Samuel chapter 2 verses 1 to 10)

I am so happy.

I sing praises to the Lord.

For the Lord always helps me.

He has saved me.

God is holy.

He is the greatest.

God always loves us.

He always helps us.

God always does what is right.

He is strong.

God gives us life.

He feeds us.

He gives us good things.

He makes poor people rich.

He makes them like kings.

God is Lord of all the world.

He keeps safe the people who love him.

He makes us strong.

He helps us when we obey him.


Jonahís Prayer

(Jonah chapter 2 verses 2 to 9)

I was very upset. I was very unhappy.

I called to the Lord. I asked him for help.

The Lord heard me and he spoke to me.

Lord you were very cross with me.

I did not do the things you asked me to do.

I ran away from you.

I was very sad. I was afraid. I was dying.

Then I thought of you Lord.

I called to you.

You heard me. You came to me.

You made me safe. You made me happy again.

I will thank you for ever.

I will sing praises.

You will always be my Lord.


Micahís Prayer

(Micah chapter 7 verses 18 and 19)

There is nobody like you, God.

We do bad things.

We are sorry for the bad things we do.

You forgive us.

You love to forgive us.

You forget the bad things.

You love us.

You always love us.

You are always the same.

Habakkukís Prayer

(Habakkuk chapter 3 verses 1 to 6 and 17 to 19)

Lord, I have heard how great you are.

You have done great things.

Lord, please do great things now.

Show us how great you are.

You are holy.

You fill the whole world with your love.

The sun shines. It is bright.

Your glory shines. It is very bright.

You are strong.

You can make mountains shake.

You can make storms and stop them.

You live for ever.

You kept your people safe.

You keep us safe now.

When bad things happen to me

I will not be afraid.

You are with me, Lord.

You will keep me safe.

You make me happy.

I will be happy always.

I will thank you always.


Nehemiahís Prayer

(Nehemiah chapter 1 verses 5 to 11)

Lord God of heaven

you are a great God.

You love us.

You always keep your promises.

I love you.

I want to obey you.

Please hear me now.

I pray to you day and night.

I am sorry for the bad things I have done.

I have been very bad.

I have not obeyed you.

But you forgive us

when we say sorry.

Please hear me.

I love you very much.

Help me today.

Please make me happy today.


Maryís Song to God

(Luke chapter 1 verses 46 to 55)

I praise God.

I am very happy.

God has saved me.

He knows me.

I am not rich.

I have not done lots of great things.

But God loves me.

He makes me very happy.

People see how good God is to me.

God does not like people who think

they are better than anyone else.

He does not help them.

He feeds hungry people.

He helps people

who ask him to be with them.

God will always make us happy.

He keeps all his promises.

Zechariahís Song to God

(Luke chapter 1 verses 68 to 75)

I praise God.

He has come to save us.

Jesus has come.

Jesus has come to save us.

A long time ago

God promised to save us.

He always keeps his promises.

We can come to him.

We can love him.

We are not afraid any more.

He makes us good.

He makes us happy.

He has made me happy.

We will always love him.

Paulís Prayer of Praise

(Ephesians chapter 1 verses 3 to 9)

Praise God.

Praise Jesus Godís son.

He makes us very happy.

He gives us lots of good things.

He chose us before he made the world.

He chose us to love him.

He chose us to be his children.

He chose to make us happy.

God has forgiven us.

He has forgiven all the bad things we do.

God is great and good.

He is very kind.

God loves us.

We can be Godís children.

We can be Godís friends.

We can show how much we love God.

We will praise him.

Simeonís Prayer

(Luke chapter 2 verses 29 to 32)

God our Lord and king

give us peace.

You promised to save us.

You have saved us.

I have seen how you help us.

I have seen you keep your promise.

I know you save me.

It is like the bright sun.

It makes us all happy.

Thank you Lord.

A prayer from people who love God

(Acts chapter 4 verses 24 to 30)

God you are a great king.

You made heaven.

You made the world.

You made everything in the world.

You chose people like David.

You helped them to do great things for you.

You helped them to tell people about you.

They were not afraid.

Help us to do the things you ask us to do.

Help us to say the things you want us to say.

Help us to do great things for you.

Help us to tell people about you.

We know you can do great and good things.

We want to help people

like you help us.

We want to tell people how you help us.

Help us to make people better.

We will praise you.

We love you.

We thank you.


The Lordís Prayer

Our father in heaven

you are a holy God.

Show us who you are.

Make the world a good place.

Do what is best here on earth.

Make it like heaven.

Give us everything we need.

Give it to us every day.

Forgive all the bad things we do.

Help us not to want to do bad things.

Help us to forgive people

who do bad things to us.

Keep us safe.

You are king.

You can do everything.

You are a great God.

Yes you are.



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December 2003

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