Prayer is praising and thanking God

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘Prayer is ... ‘

Elaine Young


Prayer is praising and thanking God


Jesus was having a meal at someone’s house.

A woman came into the house.

The woman was holding a bottle.

In the bottle was some very expensive perfume.

The woman went up to Jesus.

She poured the expensive perfume over Jesus’ head.


Jesus’ friends were angry.

“What a waste!” they said.

“She could have sold the perfume.

She could have got a lot of money for it.

She could have given the money to the poor.”


Jesus said:

“Leave her alone.

She has done something very beautiful for me.

She was thanking me for loving her.

She was thanking me that I am going to die for her.

People will always remember the beautiful way she thanked me.”


The woman showed that she thanked Jesus by what she did.

Jesus was glad that the woman had thanked him.

Jesus wants us to thank him too.


Matthew 26:6-13


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April 2007

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