Thanking God who made the world

(from Psalm 147)





Praise God who made us all

It is good to thank God.

He cares about people.

He makes sad people happy again.


He made the stars and gave them names.

He is a great and strong God.

He cares for poor people and people in need.


Thank God.

Sing to him.

Play music to him.


He puts the clouds in the sky.

He sends rain.

The rain makes the grass grow.

And so he feeds the animals and birds.


He is pleased when we trust in his love.

He is pleased when we let him care for us.


He sends snow and frost and hail

He sends winds and floods.

But he keeps us safe.

He gives us the best things.



It is good to thank God

for all he has done for us.

It is good to thank God.

He is our king.

He gives us peace.


Praise God.

Everybody praise God.






1999-2003, Wycliffe Associates (UK)

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

April 2003

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