Jesus Goes to a Wedding

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our Miracles series

Elaine Young


Jesus goes to a wedding


Jesus went to a wedding.

His friends went to the wedding.

His mother went to the wedding.



The people at the wedding drank wine.

They drank all the wine.

Soon there was no wine left.

Jesus’ mother said to the servants:

‘Do what Jesus tells you.’



There were six jars for water.

Jesus said to the servants:

‘Fill the jars with water.’

The servants filled the jars to the top.



The servants took some water to the master of the wedding.

The master drank some water.

It tasted like wine.

It was wine!

Jesus had made the water into wine!



It was very good wine.

Everybody drank the good wine.

Everybody was happy.



John 2:1-10


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March 2004

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