A man gives some money to his servants

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie



Jesus told this story:

A rich man was going on a journey.

He asked his servants to take care of things whilst he was away.

The rich man gave one of his servants £50.

 To another he gave £20.

 To the third servant he gave £10.



The servant with £50 used the money to make some more money.

He made another £50.

The servant with £20 managed to make another £20.

But the servant with £10 went and hid the money.


When the rich man came back, he sent for his servants.

He was very pleased with the first two servants.

They had made some more money for him.

He gave them a reward.


The servant who had hidden the money said,

“I knew you were a hard business man and I was afraid.

I hid your money to keep it safe. Here is your £10.”

The rich man was not pleased.


“You lazy servant, you knew I was a business man.

You could have put my money into a bank.

At least it would have got some interest.”


The rich man put the servant out of his house.

He gave the £10 to the servant who had made the £50.



Matthew 25:14-30.



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