Wise men visit Jesus

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie



Some clever men who knew about the stars

went on a long journey to find Jesus.

They were following a new star.

It was a very bright star.


They went to see the king.

“We saw a new star in the sky”, they said.

“It means that a new King is born.

Do you know where he is?”

The king was not pleased.

He was the king and he did not want another one.


He sent for his teachers.

“Where will the King that God is sending be born?” he asked.

The teachers said, “Our Bible says he will be born in Bethlehem.”

“It says, ‘From you Bethlehem will come a leader.

He will guide my people’ ”, they told the king.


Herod called the visitors and asked them about the star.

He said, “Go and look for the child.

When you find him, come and tell me.

I will go and see him.”



The men went on their way.

They saw the star.

They were very happy.



The star stopped right above the place where Jesus was.

They went in and saw the child with his mother Mary.

They gave him presents.


God told them in a dream not to go back to the king.

They went home another way.


God told Joseph he must take Mary and Jesus away.

The king wanted to kill Jesus.

They escaped at night.





The king was called Herod.

King Herod was very angry.

He told his soldiers to kill all the baby boys in Bethlehem.

Their mothers cried for their children.



Herod was a wicked king.



After King Herod died, God spoke to Mary and Joseph.


He told them to go back home with Jesus.

They went to live in Nazareth.



Matthew 2:1-23.


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