Peter says he does not know Jesus

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Mark’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie


Peter says he does not know Jesus



Peter was Jesus’ friend.

He told Jesus he would stay with him.

Jesus said, ‘Soon you will be scared.

You will say you do not know me.

I will be arrested by the soldiers’.

Peter said, ‘I will stay with you.

I will say I am your friend’.

Jesus said, ‘Before the cock crows in the morning,

you will say you do not know me.

You will say it three times’.



The soldiers found Jesus in the garden.

They arrested him.

They took him to the leaders.

The leaders wanted to kill Jesus.

They asked him a lot of questions.

Bad men told lies about Jesus.

Then the chief of the leaders asked.

‘Are you the Son of God?’

Jesus said, ‘I am’.

That made the leader very angry.

‘Nobody can say he is God’s Son. That is very wrong’, he said.

‘He must die for saying that’.


Some of the men spat at Jesus.

They hit him with their fists. They hurt Jesus.

But Jesus is the Son of God.



Peter followed Jesus. He waited outside the leader’s house.

A woman saw him. She said, ‘You are Jesus’ friend’.

‘No I am not’, said Peter.

The woman told other people, ‘He is Jesus’ friend’.

‘I do not know him’, said Peter.

Later some men said, ‘Peter, you are Jesus’ friend’.

Peter shouted, ‘I don’t even know Jesus, I am not his friend’.

Then Peter heard the cock crow. It was morning.

He was sorry he told lies.

Peter wept.

Mark 14:53-72



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