Jesus washes his friends’ feet

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from John’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus and his friends were having a meal.


Jesus got up from his seat.

He took off his coat.

He tied a towel round his waist.

He poured some water into a basin.

Then Jesus began to wash his friends’ feet.



Jesus’ friend Peter said to him, “I don’t want you to wash my feet.”

Jesus said, “If I do not wash your feet you will not be my friend any more.”

“Well then”, said Peter, “wash my head and hands as well as my feet.”

Jesus said, “All except one of you are clean.”

Jesus knew that one of the men there was not really his friend.

After Jesus had washed their feet he put his coat back on.

He sat down at the table again.

He said, “You call me Lord, that’s what I am.

If your Lord has washed your feet you should do that for each other.”






Jesus wants us to do kind things for other people.






John 13:1-33      No. 15.


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