Isaiah says there will be water for thirsty people

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘Isaiah Looks Forward’

Elaine Young


Isaiah says there will be water for thirsty people


Isaiah was a man who lived about 700 years before Jesus.

Isaiah wrote a book.

God helped Isaiah to write his book.

The book was about what God would do in the future.

In his book Isaiah wrote:


Hi, there!  Are you thirsty?

Come to me if you are.

Come and drink water.

Come and drink wine.

Come and drink milk.

You don’t need any money.

It’s all free.






Later in the Bible a man called John tells us:


Jesus went into a village.

There was a well in the village.

Jesus was tired.

He had walked a long way.

It was a very hot day.

He sat down by the well.


A woman came to get some water.

Jesus asked her for a drink.

The woman was surprised that he asked her for a drink.


Jesus said to her:

‘God has a wonderful gift for you.

You don’t know who I am.

If you knew, you would ask me for special water.’



The woman said:

‘You don’t have a rope.

You don’t have a bucket.

The well is very deep.

Where would you get special water from?

Our family has used this well for many years.

Are you better than any of them?’


Jesus answered:

‘People drink this water.

Then they soon get thirsty again.

I give special water.

People who drink it never get thirsty again.

My water flows for ever.

It gives people a new and special life.’


The woman said:

‘I want this water.

Please give me some.

I will never be thirsty again.’


Isaiah had said there would be water for thirsty people.

What Isaiah had written came true in Jesus.



Isaiah 55:1

John 4:5-15


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