Prince of Peace

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘Isaiah Looks Forward’

Elaine Young


Prince of Peace


Isaiah was a man who lived about 700 years before Jesus.

Isaiah wrote a book.

God helped Isaiah to write his book.

The book was about what God would do in the future.

In his book Isaiah wrote:


A child has been born for our good.

A baby boy has been sent to help us.

He will rule the world.

He will have very great power.

His name will be ‘Prince of Peace’.






This story shows that Jesus is the Prince of Peace:


Jesus and his friends were in a boat.

They were crossing the lake.

A strong wind started to blow.

High waves started to splash.

The waves splashed into the boat.

The boat started to fill with water.

The boat nearly sank.


Jesus was in the back of the boat.

His head was on a pillow.

He was asleep.

His friends woke him up.

They said:

‘Jesus, we are going to drown.

We are going to die.

Don’t you care?’


Jesus stood up.

He said to the wind:

‘Peace! Be quiet!’

He said to the waves:

‘Peace! Be still!’

The wind stopped.

The waves were calm.

Everything was peaceful.


Jesus said to his friends:

‘Why were you so frightened?

Don’t you trust me yet?’


The friends were even more frightened.

They said:

‘Who can Jesus be?

Even the wind does what he says.

Even the waves do what he says.’


A prince rules or has power.

In this story, Jesus has power over the wind and waves.

He rules over the wind and waves.

He brings peace to the wind and waves.

He is the Prince of Peace.


Jesus can rule over our hearts.

He can bring peace to our hearts.

He is our Prince of Peace.


Isaiah had said that Jesus would be the Prince of Peace.

What Isaiah had written came true in Jesus.



Isaiah 9:6

Mark 4:36-41


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