Isaiah says that dead people will live again

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘Isaiah Looks Forward’

Elaine Young


Isaiah says that dead people will live again


Isaiah was a man who lived about 700 years before Jesus.

Isaiah wrote a book.

God helped Isaiah to write his book.

The book was about what God would do in the future.

In his book Isaiah wrote:


Dead people will live again.

Their bodies will leave their graves.

They will wake up.

They will sing for joy.

God brings freshness to the earth.

He brings new life to the bodies of dead people.






Later in the Bible a man called Matthew wrote:


Early on Sunday morning two ladies went to Jesus’ grave.

A big heavy stone was in front of the grave.

Some soldiers were guarding the grave.

Suddenly the ground started to shake.

An angel came down from heaven.

He moved the stone from the grave.

He sat on the stone.

His clothes were brilliant white.

His face was shining brightly.

The soldiers were so frightened that they fainted.


The angel said to the women:

‘Don’t be frightened.

I know you are looking for Jesus.

Jesus was put to death but he isn’t here now.

He said he would come back to life again.

And he has come back to life again.


Come and see where his body was lying.

Then go and find his friends.

Tell them that Jesus is alive again.

Tell them to go to Galilee.

They will meet Jesus there.’


The women were very frightened.

But they were also very happy.

They ran to find Jesus’ friends.

Suddenly Jesus met them.

‘Hello’, he said.

The women came up to him.

They held him tight.

They told him they loved him.

Jesus said to them:

‘Don’t be frightened.

Tell my friends to go to Galilee.

They will see me there.’


Some years afterwards a man called Paul wrote:


It is true that Jesus came alive again after he died.

He was the first person to come alive again.

Now millions of people will come alive again after they die.

Jesus has promised it for us.


Isaiah had said that dead people would live again.

What Isaiah had written came true in Jesus.

It can come true for us all because of Jesus.



Isaiah 26:19

Matthew 28:1-10

1 Corinthians 15:20


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