Moses goes back to Egypt
(from Exodus chapter 4 verses 18 to 29)




Moses asked Jethro his father in law to let him

go back to his own people in Egypt.

He wanted to see if they were all right.

Jethro said Moses could go.

Moses took all his family with him.

He took his staff with him.

God told Moses to meet Aaron at Mount Horeb.

Moses told Aaron all that God told him.

They told the leaders of the Israelites.

The leaders heard and saw the signs.

They believed. They knew God was caring for them.

God knew how unhappy they were.

They worshipped God.

God told them to show Pharaoh the three signs.


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By Helen M Seeley

ŠAEE. Ed.1, January 2005

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

June 2007

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