Moses and the burning bush
(from Exodus chapter 3)




One day Moses was looking after his sheep.

He led the sheep to a place called Horeb.

Horeb was the mountain of God.

An angel from God came to Moses there.

The angel was in a burning bush.

But the bush did not burn up.

Moses went to the bush.

Then God called, ‘Moses, Moses.’

Moses said, ‘I’m here.’

God said, ‘Do not come near.  Take your shoes off.

This is holy ground.

I am the God of your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’

Moses was afraid to look at God.  He hid his face.

Then God said to Moses,

‘My people the Israelites are unhappy in Egypt.

I will save them for the Egyptians.

I will give them a new and good country to live in.

I want you to go to king Pharaoh.

Tell him to let my people go.’


Moses was afraid to do this.

But God said he was with him.

God promised to help him.

Moses worshipped God there on mount Horeb.

God said to Moses,

‘Tell the Israelites that God has sent you to help them.

I will keep my promise.  I will give them to a good country.

Then go with the leaders of the Israelites.

Go to the king of Egypt.

Tell him to let you go.

I will show the Egyptians that I am God.’


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By Helen M Seeley

©AEE. Ed.1, January 2005

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June 2007

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