The Passover Meal

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The First Easter and Afterwards‘

Elaine Young


The Passover Meal


The Jews have a festival called the Passover.

They eat a special meal.

They kill a lamb to eat.

They eat a type of flat bread.


It was Passover time.

Jesus wanted to celebrate with his friends.

He sent Peter and John to find a place for their meal.

He told them to go into Jerusalem.


“You will see a man”, he said.

“This man will be carrying a jug of water.

Follow him into a house.

Speak to the owner of the house.

Say, ‘Our teacher wants to eat the Passover with his friends.

Where can we eat it?’

The man will show you an upstairs room.

Get the food ready there.

That is where we will eat it.”


Peter and John went into Jerusalem.

They found the place Jesus had spoken about.

They got the meal ready.


Jesus and his friends sat down to eat.

Jesus said,

“I am going to die.

Somebody will let me down.

That person will hand me over to my enemies.

That person is one of you.”


All of Jesus’ friends were sad.

They all said, “It can’t be me.

I wouldn’t do that.”

Jesus answered, “It is one of you.

One of you will do it.”


Then Jesus took some bread.

He thanked God for the bread.

He broke the bread.

He gave the bread to his friends and said,

“Eat it.

I am giving you this bread.

I will also give my body for you.

Remember me whenever you eat this bread.”


Then Jesus took a cup of wine.

He thanked God for the wine.

He gave the wine to his friends and said,

“Drink it.

I am giving you this wine.

I will also give my blood for you.

Remember me whenever you drink the wine.”


Jesus and his friends sang a hymn together.

Then they left the house.



Mark 14:12-26


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October 2007

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