Palm Sunday

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The First Easter and Afterwards‘

Elaine Young


Palm Sunday


Jesus was going to Jerusalem.

He was walking ahead of his friends.

He said to two of his friends:

“Go into the next village before me.

Look for a donkey tied beside the road.

It will be a young donkey.

Nobody will ever have ridden it yet.

Untie it.

Bring it here.

Somebody will ask what you are doing.

Tell them that the Lord needs it.”


The friends did what Jesus said.

They untied the donkey.

The owners came along.

“What are you doing?” they asked.

“The Lord needs it”, the friends answered.


Then they took the donkey to Jesus.

They put clothes on the donkey’s back.

And Jesus sat on the donkey.


There were lots of people around.

They took off their coats.

They put their coats on the ground.

The donkey walked over them.

All the people started shouting and singing.

They praised God.

They said Jesus was wonderful.

They said Jesus had done wonderful things.


“God has given us a king”, they sang.

“Jesus is the king.

Long live King Jesus.

Let everyone on earth be glad.

Let everyone in heaven be glad.

Glory to God in heaven.”



Luke 19:28-38


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October 2007

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