The Cross

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The First Easter and Afterwards‘

Elaine Young


The Cross


Jesus was going to be killed.

He was going to be nailed to a wooden cross.

It was a heavy cross.

Jesus had to carry the cross to the hill where he would be killed.

A man called Simon helped him.


They came to the hill.

The soldiers offered Jesus some wine.

Jesus did not drink it.

Then they nailed him to the cross.

They put a notice on his cross.

The notice said ‘The King of the Jews’.

Two robbers were nailed to crosses too.


The two robbers made fun of Jesus.

The soldiers made fun of Jesus.

The important men from the temple made fun of Jesus.

The people passing by made fun of Jesus.


It was the middle of the day.

Suddenly it went dark.

Everything went very dark.

It was dark for three hours.

Then Jesus called out to God.

He called out again loudly.

Then he died.


There was a curtain in the temple.

When Jesus died, the curtain tore.

It tore from top to bottom.

Nobody tore it.

A captain of the soldiers said:

“This man certainly was God’s son.”


A man called Joseph went up to Pilate.

“Please”, he said, “Can I have Jesus’ body?”

Pilate was surprised.

He checked that Jesus was dead.

Then he gave Jesus’ body to Joseph.


Joseph bought some good quality cotton cloth.

He wrapped Jesus’ body in the cloth.

He placed Jesus’ body in a tomb.

He rolled a stone in front of the tomb.


Some women had watched everything that happened.



Mark 15:21-47


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October 2007

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