Jesus Goes up to Heaven

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from our series ‘The First Easter and Afterwards‘

Elaine Young


Jesus Goes up to Heaven


Jesus had died and was alive again.

He met his friends many times.

He proved to them that he was alive again.

He told them what they should do.


One day Jesus was eating with his friends.

It was nearly six weeks after he had come alive again.

He said to his friends:

“Stay in Jerusalem.

God will send you his Holy Spirit.

Wait in Jerusalem till the Holy Spirit comes.”


His friends asked Jesus:

“Are you going to become king now?”


Jesus answered,

“I cannot tell you when things will happen.

But God will send you his Holy Spirit.

Then you will have power.

You will tell people all over the world about me.”


The friends looked at Jesus.

Suddenly he went up into the sky.

They saw him go up into the sky.

He disappeared into a cloud.

They could not see him any more.


Two angels came and stood beside the men.

“Don’t stand looking at the sky”, they said.

“You saw Jesus go up into heaven.

He will come back from heaven in the same way.”


The friends went to Jerusalem.

They stayed there until the Holy Spirit came.



Acts 1:2-11


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October 2007

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