Paul and the lame man

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Acts

Joyce Ferrie



Paul and his friend went to a lot of places.

They went to tell people about Jesus.

They met a man who could not walk.

The man was lame.

Paul looked at the man.

Paul shouted to the man,

“Get up on your feet.”

The man jumped up and walked.

The people were very surprised.

This man had never walked.

The people thought that Paul had come from another planet.

They thought that he was an alien.

Paul said, “We are just men like you. We live here on earth.

We have come to tell you about the real God,

the God who made everything. He made the earth and the sea.

He gives us rain and sun to make things grow.

God makes us happy.”

Some bad men came to make trouble.

They did not let Paul speak any more.

They told lies about Paul and his friend.

They threw big stones at Paul. They tried to kill Paul.

They put him out of the town.

Paul was hurt but he did not die.

Some good people helped him.

He went to another town to tell the story of Jesus.

Acts 14:8-21     No. 13.


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