Comments from Around the World

Alabama — “I just got this material today from a pastor in my church and its incredible. I will keep printing things off and hopefully test it this summer and maybe begin using the material in our classes this summer. So, thank you for making my work easier and our ministry more effective!!!”

Alaska — “I am very interested in the site as we have adopted two children from Bulgaria whose second language is English.”

Andaman Islands — “The CDs that you sent us are very useful to my Bible School students in our Bible College .”

Angola — “I need EasyEnglish to help with our work in Angola . Together in His kingdom.”

Argentina — “I am a pastor in Mar Del Plata , Republica Argentina . Thank you very much.”

Australia — “I was surfing the net, looking for information to help me write an essay towards achieving my Graduate diploma of Theology in Education, and your site was the second I picked from my search results. Keep up the good work (your site has helped me in a very big way)”

Bahamas — “I have been using this site for the past 2 years as a resource for my studies.”

Bangladesh — “We have just started a primary course and we hope that most of the people on the course will be starting a bible study group afterwards. We all have English as a second language, your scheme is ideal.”

Bolivia — “I am teaching ESL to university students/professionals in Santa Cruz . I am delighted to get this information and hope you will continue to send me information as you have it available. Thanks for your efforts.”

Brazil — “Thank you so much for this fantastic service.  I teach at a missionary training college in Brazil where students have to study English alongside their other studies and many are complete beginners.  Having commentary material in Easy English will really help them in their motivation to learn English.”

Cambodia — “I was overjoyed to find your site. These look like great resources.”

Canada — “I work with international students at a university in Canada .  A friend told me about your website and I am really impressed. This will be a tremendous help to us.  Please keep me informed of any new materials you produce. Thank you so much for sharing all of this material.  God bless you.”

China — “these appear to be at exactly the right level for some of the congregation here, I am seeking any more studies you may now have available. I would also appreciate your permission to get these translated into Chinese as I feel that many of our Cantonese speaking congregations would benefit from the simple style.”

Colombia — “I have gotten some texts from your web, which have helped me so much, since I work as an English teacher here in Colombia . I have some pupils who have enjoyed these texts as you don't imagine. I am really interested in having much information of this kinda quality.”

Croatia — “I have produced 15 copies of James and given them to members of our church who know English to test the degree of understandability. They loved it and would like other books.”

England — “Your site is really good and very helpful.”

Ethiopia — “I downloaded a couple and immediately my imagination started running with all kinds of possibilities. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making these available.”

France — “I work in a daycentre for the homeless and asylum seekers and I also teach English. Your material is very interesting for the people I meet every day but also for myself. The commentaries and questions are very clear and facilitate Bible reading. Thank you!”

Germany — “I am very glad to have come across your homepage and I find it very helpful to download articles (commentaries and so on).  Your homepage is very orderly and easy to use.”

Ghana — “I found your version of Esther extremely useful recently.”

Guatemala — “Please register me for your excellent service.”

Haiti — “I have been teaching a fellowship of Haitians from your EasyEnglish book of Titus and it has been very helpful.”

Hawaii — “I just got the Bible Materials!! You made my day!”

Hong Kong — “Really looking forward to seeing the EasyEnglish Bible portions finished! Many thanks for your team's hard work!”

India — “Found your Bible studies  'Their problems and ours' very interesting.”

Italy — “I think you have a lot of interesting texts”

Japan — “Thank God and thank you for your great efforts to establish these precious documents for us non-native English speakers.”

Kenya — “A very worthwhile and useful resource. It will be at just about at the level that the Sudanese clergy, with whom I work, will be able to profit from.”

Macau — “We have just started an Alpha course and we hope that most of the people on the course will be starting a bible study group afterwards. As most of them have English as a second language, your scheme is ideal.”

Malawi — “These materials are a greater help than silver and gold.”

Mauritius — “by using EasyEnglish, I find it will be very helpful in my pastoral and teaching ministry, especially that here in Mauritius - our English language level is low.”

Moldova — “Thanks for the help. I will be giving it to people who would love to learn English”

Mozambique — “We have a Bible College where we train ministers. Thanks so much for your commentaries. The one on 2 Peter is especially suitable for our students.”

Namibia — “I was able to make hard copies to share with our colleagues. I will anxiously wait to hear news of other commentaries being completed.”

New Zealand — “Someone passed on your address to me. So I will do the same, and pass it onto others.”

Nigeria — “Some students of the Christian Institute have just come in as the machine is printing your Luke.  They are very interested and excited, and want to get all your works bound and put in the college library.”

Papua New Guinea — “Found the site when surfing the net for Bible Commentaries. Looks great. Thank you Wycliffe Associates”

Peru — “Your materials are perfect for our needs.  Thank you for your wonderful ministry.  I shall continue to pray for you daily!”

Philippines — “Thanks for your wonderful work.”

Russia — “We are considering using these materials to teach work with English speaking students. Thank you for the resource.”

Rwanda — “We are hoping to have a library here in the centre, and would welcome more of these booklets.”

Scotland — “We have a Bible Study every Tuesday evening and about 20 to 30 students from overseas - mainly from China - attend. You material should be really a great help to us.”

South Korea — “I am a missionary in Seoul , Korea .  I think that your materials will be very useful for leading Bible studies for people with English as a second language. Thanks! “

Sri Lanka — “I have a thirst to learn God’s word, and I came to know site through the Internet”

Switzerland — “I will send your link around !!!!!!!!!!”

Taiwan — “I've been using your resources to teach an English Bible study in a Christian hospital in Taiwan . Thanks for making English scriptures accessible!”

Tanzania — “God bless you abundantly. You are doing a good job.”

Texas — “I found your material easy to read, extensive and profound.  Thank you for your work”

Thailand — “We appreciate your work. I will also pass them on to our Bible School teachers so that they can have them translated and put to use.”

USA — “Your online commentaries and studies have been tremendously helpful. Thank you and may God be praised!”

Zimbabwe — “l’m a Sunday School teacher. l find your commentaries on the Book of Psalms thought provoking , they are easy to understand as well”

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