20 – Jesus is Taken to Heaven

Acts 1:8–11

8 But the Holy Spirit will come to you, and he will give you power. The Holy Spirit will make your spirit strong. Then you will tell other people everywhere in the world about me. You will do that in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria and in places far away.’

9 When Jesus had finished speaking to his apostles, God took him up to heaven. The apostles watched Jesus while he went up. Then a cloud hid him and they could not see him any more.

10 The apostles were still looking carefully up into the sky when suddenly two men appeared. They were wearing white clothes and they stood near the apostles.

1:10We think that these men were angels.

11 The men said to the apostles, ‘You men from Galilee, you should not still be standing here and looking up into the sky. God has taken Jesus into heaven. You saw the way that Jesus went up to heaven. One day, he himself will return in the same way.’

Acts 1:8-11 EasyEnglish Bible (EASY)

Did you Know?

  • Luke wrote two books. One is about Jesus. The other book is the story of how the disciples obeyed Jesus’ last command. This book is called ‘The Acts of the Apostles’.
  • The Holy Spirit has been given to all of Jesus’ friends.
  • The two men in white clothes were angels.

The Meaning of the Story

Jesus told his disciples to go everywhere and tell people about him. He promised he would be with them while they did this work. Here he told them he would be with them by his Spirit. The Spirit is Jesus’ presence with his people. After he has returned to heaven, Jesus will send his Spirit to all his friends.

Jesus then returned to his Heavenly Father. We have seen that God sent angels to tell the good news about Jesus. They announced his birth. They announced he was risen from the dead. Here they announced that Jesus will come back again.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Most people did not know that God’s king had been born. That was his first coming. At his second coming, everyone will see him. Everyone will know he is the king. Christians look forward to Jesus’ second coming.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the king who is coming back again. When Jesus comes back, he will judge every man and woman for all the things they have ever done. Everyone who has not obeyed God and has not trusted in Jesus will never enter into God’s kingdom. Everyone who has met Jesus and become his friend and follower will live with God forever. Meet Jesus today, so you can be with him forever.

Thinking about the Story

  1. Where is Jesus now?
  2. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  3. What will the Holy Spirit help Jesus’ friends to do?
  4. What is Judgment Day?
  5. What does it mean to trust in Jesus?