Paulís First Letter to Timothy

An EasyEnglish Semantically Analysed Text (Level B) on the Book of 1 Timothy

(A semantically analysed text makes implicit information explicit.)

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A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.

Words in italics are not in the Greek text. We believe that they are implicit.


Chapter 1

v1 I am Paul. I go and speak Jesus *Christís *Message to people in other towns. God ordered me to do this. He is the one who rescues people from all wrong things. And Jesus *Christ also ordered me to do this. We are sure that *Christ will return. v2 I am writing this letter to you, Timothy. You are just like a son to me, because I told you the *Message of *Christ. And then you believed *Christ. So, I pray to God our Father about you. I ask him to continue to be kind to you. And I ask him to be *merciful to you. Then you will be at peace deep inside you, because Jesus *Christ rules us.

False teachers damage Godís good news

v3 When I went to the country called Macedonia, I told you to remain at Ephesus town. Now I am telling you again to remain there. Some Ephesus people are teaching wrong things to other *believers. You must order them not to teach these wrong things. v4 They talk about people who lived long ago. They tell many stories that are not true. They argue about these things and they waste time. This teaching does not help us to work for God. Only when we believe *Christís *Message, then we can work well for God.

v5 Teach them that God has made us clean. We have no more *sin, and now we must really love other people. That is what we do when we really believe *Christ. v6 But some people do not like this true teaching. They prefer to teach other things. They talk about things that are no use at all. v7 They say that they are teaching Godís laws. Moses wrote down Godís laws long ago. Those teachers think that they understand those laws. But they do not understand at all what they are talking about.

v8 Godís laws are good laws. We know that. But we must listen well to them. v9 God knows the people who always do right things. These laws are not to punish those people. God made these laws to punish bad people. They do not obey any law. God *condemns those who fight against their leaders. God *condemns people who do not listen to him. He *condemns people who do all kinds of wrong things. Mosesí laws are for evil people and for people who kill other people. There are even people who murder their fathers or their mothers. The laws *condemn such people. v10 Mosesí laws say that God *condemns all those who do wrong things. God *condemns people who have bad sex with other people. God *condemns people who (even) have relations with someone of their own sex. God *condemns people who seize other people as slaves. And he *condemns people who always tell lies. Some people do not do what they promise to do. He *condemns those people too. And there are many other wrong things that people do. That is why God gave the laws that Moses wrote down. v11 Such people do not want to listen to the true *Message that we teach. Our God is a wonderful God. And he gave us an excellent *Message of good news. That *Message is what we teach.

God was very kind to Paul, and Paul thanks him

v12 Jesus *Christ is our *Lord, and I never stop being grateful to him. He knew that he could trust me. So, he made me strong. He gave me this *apostleís work to do.

v13 I used to say many evil things about *Christ. I caused *Christís people to suffer very much.

I did not know how much I was hurting Jesus *Christ. I did not yet believe *Christ. But *Christ was very kind to me. And he forgave all the wrong things that I did. v14 I did not deserve at all what *Christ did for me. He allowed me to believe him. And now I love him, and I love other people very much.

v15 Here is a true thing that we *believers can accept. It is something that we ought to believe:

God wants to save people from their *sin. That is why he sent Jesus *Christ to this world.

I myself did many evil things. Other people *sinned. But I *sinned much more than they did.

v16 So God was very kind to me. Jesus *Christ is very patient with everybody. He wanted other people to see what he did for me. Then they also would believe him. They also would have the *life that never ends.

v17 God our Father is the only real God. Although no one can see him, he is the King. He rules always, and his life never ends. And I want people to give him honour always. I want people to praise him always.

v18 Timothy, my son, some *prophets once spoke about you. They spoke about what God wanted you to do. What I am telling you now is like what they said. If you do what I say, you will be like a strong soldier. You will be able to oppose strongly those people who are against *Christ. v19 Also, you will always believe Godís *Message. You will do only what you know to be right. Some people no longer believe what is true. They do what they know is not right. v20 Two of those people are Hymenaeus and Alexander. I have given them to *Satan, so that he can punish them. Then they will learn to teach true words. They will learn not to oppose God.

Chapter 2

*Christís people should pray for everyone

v1 First of all, I want to ask you *believers to pray for everyone. You should ask God for what they need. You can help other people as you pray to God for them. And always say Ďthank youí to God. v2 *Believers, you must also pray for your kings and leaders. You must ask God to help them. Then they will rule well. Pray that they will allow us to live in peace. Pray that we will do everything that God wants. Pray that we will do everything that is honourable. v3 It is good to pray like that. God our *Saviour likes that kind of prayer. v4 God has given us his true *Message. He wants everyone to know completely and to accept that *Message. Then he will rescue them from their *sin. v5 He is the only God there is. It is really true that he is God. And Jesus *Christ is our only *advocate. He talks to God on our behalf. Jesus *Christ really did come as a human being. v6 He gave himself to rescue all of us. God caused Jesus to come to this world at the right time. (It was the very time that God thought was right.) v7 And God chose me to be an *apostle. I must go to other towns and tell people Godís true *Message. What I am saying is true. I am not lying. God sent me to other people, to people who are not *Jews. He wanted me to tell them about *Christ. Then they can know and believe Godís true *Message. v8 So that is why I want people everywhere to pray to God. And when they pray, they must be clean from *sin. They must not be angry with other people. They must not be quarrelling with each other.

Some instructions for women

v9 You have many women in your groups also. They say that they *worship God. I want to talk about those women. I am talking about the clothes that they wear. They should wear good, modest clothes. They should do their hair properly. They should not do it in order to attract men. For the same reason, they should not wear gold things or precious stones or expensive clothes. v10 Women who *worship God should be busy with better things. They should help people, especially poor people. v11 At meetings of the *believers they should be quiet. They should pay attention to what their leaders say. v12 I, Paul, do not think that women should rule men in the meetings. Women should not teach Godís *Message to men in the meetings. It is better that they are quiet in public. v13 My reason is that God made the man first. He was called Adam. Later, God made the woman who was called Eve. v14 Also, *Satan did not *deceive Adam. *Satan *deceived Eve, so she *sinned. She did what God had told her not to do. v15 And so, it is hard work for a woman to give birth to a child. But God will save women who continue to trust him. They must continue to love other people. They must continue to do what he wants. They must not be proud, and they must not want to be very important.

Chapter 3

People who want to lead or control the groups of *believers

v1 A group of *believers needs leaders. And people respect a person who leads them. It is good to be willing to lead. That is very true. v2 But a leader must behave well. He must do entirely good things, so that people cannot accuse him of *sin. Also, he must have only one wife, and he must not cheat his wife. A leader must control himself well, and he must think well. He must welcome and look after guests. He must be able to teach Godís *Message. v3 A man should not lead a group if he drinks a lot of alcohol. Any man who quarrels a lot with other people should not lead a group. A leader must behave better. He must be gentle to other people and he must be kind. He must not just want to have lots of money (or, think that money is the most important thing). v4 A leader must manage well the people who live in his house. His children must obey him and they should always respect him. v5 He must first manage the people who live in his own house well. Then he can look after Godís people.

v6 Do not choose a leader who has only just accepted Godís *Message. Such a new *believer may become proud. Then God would *condemn him. The *devil was proud, and God *condemned him. v7 It is good when other people speak well about the leader. Those people may not believe Godís *Message. But they respect a leader who behaves well. They will have no reason to accuse him of *sin. And the *devil will not catch him and take him away.

People who work in the *believersí group

v8 Church workers should think and behave well too. They must be sincere *believers. They must not drink a lot of alcohol. They must not just want a lot of money. v9 Church workers should not do evil things. They should know Godís *Message well and firmly believe it. v10 First, you should examine what they do. If none of you can say that they are doing wrong, then they can do work for the group. v11 Women church workers should think and behave well also. They must not speak bad things about other people. They must not drink a lot of alcohol. They must not just think that money is the most important thing. Whatever work they do, people must be able to trust them. v12 Church workers must not cheat their wives or their husbands. They must manage their children well. Also, they must manage all the people who live in their house well. v13 When church workers do their work well, other people will speak well of those workers. People will listen to what they say. And people will respect their belief in Jesus *Christ.

The *amazing nature of what Jesus *Christ did

v14-15 I hope that I will be able to come to you soon. But (perhaps) something may delay me from coming. So, I am writing these instructions to you first. You should teach these things to the whole group of Godís people. Then all the *believers will know how they should behave. They belong to Godís church, and there are other *believers all over the world. God is all-powerful, and we all should speak his true *Message. v16 Here is something that is truly extraordinary. It is about the God that we *worship:

Jesus was born as a human being.
That is how he came into this world.
The *Holy Spirit showed us that he was *Christ.
The Spirit showed us that God our Father sent him.
And some *angels saw him.


*Believers went to many countries,
and they told people about Jesus *Christ.
Many people in the world believed
††††† the *Message about Jesus.
Then God lifted Jesus *Christ up
††††† to live with him in *heaven.

Chapter 4

False teaching

v1 The *Holy Spirit clearly teaches us about something that will happen in later times. All of us believe *Christís teaching, but later on some people will stop believing it. They will listen to false teaching. People will teach them words that come from evil *spirits. And they will believe those lies. v2 The people who teach such lies do not feel at all guilty. v3 Those *liars say that God will not accept married people. And so, they say that we should not marry. They also talk about the food that we eat. We who believe Godís true *Message eat everything. God made every kind of food for us to eat. So, we thank God for it, and we eat it. But those *liars say that we should not eat some foods. v4 We know that we can eat everything. We know that God made everything good. So we thank God for all the food. We should not refuse to eat some things if we have already thanked God for them. v5 God accepts that it is good food. God made all things long ago. And he said then that they were good. And you thanked God for the food when you prayed. So it is good to eat it.

Timothy must teach all the good things that Paul taught to him

v6 Teach the *believers everything that I have told you. Then they will know that you are working for Jesus *Christ. They will know that you are doing a good job. You have learned much. And you will become much stronger as you believe *Christ more. You are strong because you completely accept the true *Message. v7 But some of your old people tell many stories. They talk about what people did long ago before they knew God. Some of these stories are really silly. Do not listen to them, and do not talk about them. Instead, teach yourself things so that you will love God better. v8 ĎWe need to keep moving our limbs so that our bodies are healthyí, people say. But it is also worthwhile that we continue to do what God wants. If we listen to God, we will live better in this world now. Also, we will be better later when we go to live with God. v9 These words are true. Everyone should do what they say. v10 God is alive, and he can do everything. He can rescue everyone from the evil things in this world. He certainly rescues all of us who believe him. We trust him. And that is why we work so hard for him. We work hard even if at times it is a hard struggle.

v11 You should teach everyone these instructions, so that they put them into practice. v12 And Timothy, you must behave yourself well. You have to show the *believers how they should behave. You must speak good things. You must love other people. You must trust God for everything. And you must have a clean manner of living. Then nobody can laugh at you and say: ĎHe is so young.í

v13 It may be a little time until I come to you. So, until then, continue to read the *Scriptures aloud every time that the group meets. Then you can help the *believers to understand what the *Scriptures mean. And you can teach them to do what God wants. v14 When you started to work for *Christ, some *prophets spoke about you. They said what you would do. Then the *believersí leaders placed their hands on you. They asked God to be very good to you. And God made you able to do that work. v15 So do not forget what God did to you then. Do the things that God made you able to do. Then everyone will know that you continue to work well for Jesus *Christ. v16 Take care that you behave well. Always teach true words. If you continue to do this every day, *Christ will rescue you finally from the evil things in the world. He will also rescue other people who accept what you say.

Chapter 5

How to speak to the *believers

v1 You should talk to *believers if they make mistakes. Talk to older men as you would talk to your father. Show them respect. Do not be angry with them. Talk to younger men with a gentle voice, as you would talk to your brother. v2 Talk to older women with respect, as you would talk to your mother. You must take care when you speak to younger women. You must act towards them in a completely clean manner. You should speak to them in a gentle voice, as you would talk to your own sister.

How *believers ought to take care of widows

v3 There are women *believers whose husbands have died. They may not have any relatives to help them. The whole group of *believers should take care of them. v4 But maybe there are other *believers who are widows. And they have children. Or perhaps they have grandchildren. Then the living children or grandchildren should take care of their mothers. They must learn that this is what God wants them to do. They must respect their own family. Their mothers once took care of them, so they must look after their mothers now. They owe it to their mothers. v5 But now, I talk about widows who have no relative alive. There is no one to take care of them. Only God can help them, so they pray to God every day and every night. They ask God again and again that he will help them. Certainly the *believers should help them. v6 Some other widows just want to play. They just want to enjoy their lives. Their bodies are alive, but they are separated from God. v7 Tell all the *believers that they must take care of those widows who are their relatives. If the relatives do not do this, *unbelievers will say bad things about the *believers. v8 Some people do not take care of their own relatives. They do not even take care of their own mother or father. They do not really believe the true *Message. They are more evil than other people. Even people who do not believe God at all are not so evil.

v9 Make a list of all *believers who are widows. They should be more than 60 years old. They should have stayed with their husbands all their lives. v10 Notice if other people talk about good things that these widows have done. Such widows bring up their children well, and they give food to people from other towns. They let other *believers stay in their homes. They help people who have nothing. The *believers should help these widows.

v11 Do not include younger women on the widowsí list. Usually younger widows will strongly want to marry again. They might marry someone who does not believe Godís *Message. Then they themselves might stop believing *Christ, v12 Then they will not do what they had promised to God. v13 Also, they might become lazy. They might continually walk about visiting other houses. They might say things that hurt other people. They will do what they should not do. v14 So I say that younger widows should get married again. They should give birth to children. They should work in their own houses and take care of their families. They must not do any wrong things, then their enemies cannot *condemn them or us. v15 I have to say this also. Already some younger widows have stopped obeying *Christ. They listen to *Satan and obey him instead.

v16 So, this is what I say to women *believers: ĎDo you have a widow in your family? If so, you must take care of her. If you do not take care of her, it will just be more heavy work for the group of *believers. They should only need to take care of genuine widows. Those are widows who do not have anyone else to take care of them.í

Choose your leaders carefully (with care)

v17 Each group of *believers should reward their leaders properly. They may speak Godís *Message well in public, or they may be good teachers (of the *believers). Then the group should respect them and reward them well. v18 Many years ago Moses wrote these words in the *Scriptures: ĎYou use an *ox to walk about on your corn to *crush it, so that the corn grains fall out. You must not tie up its head when it is working. Let it eat a few grains if it wants toAlso Jesus spoke about this: ĎIf someone works for you, then you need to pay themí, he said. So it is right that *believers should reward their leaders.

v19 Someone may accuse one of your leaders. They may say that he did something wrong. But there must be two or three witnesses who can say truly: ĎI was there, and I saw that leader doing the wrong thing.í Only then, you can agree with the person who accuses him. v20 Maybe there is a leader of the group who *sins again and again. Then you must take him in front of the whole group and accuse him publicly of that *sin. That will make the other leaders be afraid. They will not want to *sin like that. v21 God our Father, Jesus *Christ and the *angels that they chose to work for them, know what you do. You need to remember that. So obey my instructions about your leaders. People will say different things about a leader. Do not decide quickly that a leader has done something wrong. And behave in the same manner with all the leaders.

v22 Do not choose people to work for God too quickly. Do not put your hands on them to bless them immediately. They must not be just new *believers. If you approve a person who *sins, God will ask you: ĎWhy did you do that?í You need to keep out of trouble. v23 And now you, Timothy, your stomach is often upset. So, you had better not drink just plain water. Mix a little wine with the water so that your stomach will get better. v24 I told you not to place your hands on people to choose them as leaders too quickly. Sometimes people do wrong secretly. Then you cannot know that they are *sinning. You only know their *sin when someone else discovers it. You can see the *sin of other people more easily because they do it in public. v25 It is the same with the good things that people do. Some people do good in public. Then other people can see what they have done. Other people do good in secret, but their good does not remain secret for ever.

Chapter 6

Slaves and their owners

v1 Some who believe *Christ are still slaves. You should teach them to respect their owners in everything that they do. If they do respect their owners, then other people cannot speak badly about God. Also, people will not speak against the *Message that we teach. v2 Some people who own slaves are *believers. They may own slaves who are also *believers. But those slaves should not say: ĎOur boss is now a *believer like us, so we do not have to obey him any more.í Instead, the believing slaves should work even harder for their owners who now believe *Christ. Those slaves should want to help their owners because God loves them also.

You should continually teach these things to the *believers. And you should encourage them to put what you teach into action.

More about false teachers

v3 Some people teach the *believers different words. They do not teach the *Message of the *Lord Jesus *Christ correctly. They do not teach people to obey God. v4 These false teachers do not understand anything really, and yet they are very proud. They like to discuss certain things too much, especially things that are not important. They argue a lot about certain words. They make people jealous when they teach like that. They make people quarrel, and then people say bad things about each other. They make people suspect wrongly that other people are doing bad things. v5 They are denying (or *rejecting) the true *Message about *Christ. And so, what they think is all wrong.

Real wealth

These false teachers think that they can get a lot of money and other things if they go to church often

v6 Yes, it is really true that we get many good things from God. It is good to behave as he wants. But we must also be content with everything that we have. v7 We were born as babies with nothing in our hands. And when we die, we can take nothing away with us. v8 So if we have enough food (to eat), and if we have enough clothes (to wear), then we should be satisfied. v9 But some people strongly desire to own a lot of things. They want (to get) a lot of money, and so they do wrong things. They are like wild animals that fall into a trap. They hurt themselves because they try to get more all the time. And God will completely *reject them. v10 All kinds of problems happen to people who want to get a lot of money. Some people like money so much that they have stopped believing *Christ. So now they are very sad.

You really have to struggle hard to follow *Christís way to the end

v11 Timothy, you work for God. Keep away completely from things like money that make you do wrong. Decide to do right things. Do the things that God wants. Decide to trust God always, and decide to love other people always. Be strong for God in difficult times. Be gentle as you talk to people. v12 Struggle hard and well to follow *Christís way. Then you can claim from *Christ the *life that never ends. In front of many *believers you clearly said that you believe *Christís *Message. As a result, God our Father offered you this *life that never ends. v13 God gives life to everything. And he knows everything that you do. Jesus *Christ also knows everything that you do. Jesus had to stand in front of the *Roman ruler who was called Pontius Pilate. And Pilate asked Jesus many questions. Jesus firmly told the truth when he replied to Pilate. v14 So, I command you to hold firmly to *Christís *Message. God our Father and Jesus *Christ are present there with you. So do not fail to do everything that the *Message says. One day Jesus *Christ our *Lord will return to this world. Then he will want to know what you did.

v15 God our Father is going to send Jesus back, and he has decided the right time to do that. God is very wonderful to look at. He is the only one who really rules all the world and the stars. He rules all other people who rule nations. And he is greater than any king. v16 God is the only one who can never die. The place where he lives in *heaven is full of *brilliant, clean light. Nobody can come near that *brilliant light. Nobody has ever seen God, and nobody is able to see him. I really want everyone to give him honour. And I want him to rule us always. *Amen, may it really be like that.

v17 Some people are very proud because they have a lot of money and a lot of other things. But you must speak to them and warn them. Rich *believers should not put all their confidence in the things they own. Tell them that they can lose their possessions very easily. Tell them that they should trust God instead. God owns everything, and he does good to us. He gives us everything that we need. And he also wants us to enjoy our lives. v18 Also, tell these rich *believers to do as much good as they can do. They must be ready to help anyone who needs help. They should be willing to share what they have with other people. v19 Then God will reserve many good things for those rich *believers in *heaven where he lives. This reward will be ready for them when they die. And so they will have the *life that never ends.

v20 Timothy, protect the true *Message that God gave you. Some people talk about many things that God does not like. Do not listen to them. What they say may seem to be true. But it is not true. It is against the true *Message which we teach. v21 And some *believers think that they know better. They have listened to the wrong things that people say. Then they have stopped believing *Christ.

So, I pray to the *Lord for all of you. I ask him to be kind to you continually.

Word List

advocate ~ someone who defends a person or thing; someone who talks to an official or an office on behalf of someone else. Advocates are not only lawyers. People often use this word nowadays.

amaze/amazing ~ something that we think is great or extraordinary.

Amen ~ we agree; it is true; that is right; let it be so.

angel ~ angels live with God in *heaven. They carry messages to people; and they do whatever work God tells them to do.

apostle ~ a man that Jesus sent out to teach about him; Jesusí special worker.

believer ~ believers are people who believe *Christ. They hear and accept Jesusí *Message. They also meet together often to *worship God.

brilliant ~ wonderfully bright.

Christ ~ God chose Jesus and sent him to the world. That is what this name means. Christ is what Greek people say. Messiah means the same, but Messiah is what Hebrew people say.

condemn ~ to say that something is wrong, and the person who does it is guilty; to say that God or the authorities will punish that guilty person.

crush ~ to break something into little pieces; to break it, you push on it and make it flat.

deceive ~ to cause another person to believe something that is not true.

devil ~ the chief evil spirit; he rules all the evil things in the world. He speaks lies. He fights against all that is true. It is another name for *Satan.

forgive ~ when someone stops being angry with another person who has done bad things.

heaven ~ Godís wonderfully bright place; from there, all-of-God rules everything that exists.

Holy Spirit ~ He is part of God. He is the life and power of God. He is a spirit. We cannot see him, but we know that he is here. He lives deep inside all people who believe what Jesus says. He continues the work that Jesus began in this world.

Jews/Jewish ~ the people who live in Israel and speak the Hebrew language. The Jewish people began with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God chose them as his special people in the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible). Jesus was a Jew.

liar ~ a person who does not speak the truth.

life that never ends ~ Jesus has made a promise to any person who believes what he says. Jesus says that that person will always live with God. Also, God will live with them here in this world. And they will live with God after their bodies die. It is a new life, and it is a much better life.

Lord ~ the boss or owner of something or of a work; often used in the Bible for God as the one who rules and controls everything.

mercy/merciful ~ to be kind to someone who has done bad things; not being unkind to people when you could do so.

Message/true Message ~ the Good News about Jesus *Christ, (the gospel).

ox ~ a big cow.

prophet ~ someone who speaks Godís words about a person, thing or event. They may speak about what will happen in the future.

reject ~ refuse to accept.

Roman ~ a person from Rome. Rome was a powerful city; it had a strong army.

Satan ~ another name for the devil, the ruler of all evil things. He sends all the lies and false things into the world.

saviour ~ someone who saves or rescues people or things; Jesus *Christ, because he rescues people from the *devil. He rescues them from their *sin and from hopeless situations.

Scriptures ~ Godís Message, which various people wrote down over many years; the part of the Bible that the early *believers had, mainly the Old Testament (the first part of our Bible).

sin, sins ~ the wrong things that we do. God is the one who says that they are wrong.

sinner ~ someone who does wrong things. Sinners do not obey Godís rules.

Spirit/Godís Spirit ~ He is part of God. He is the life and power of God. He is a spirit. We cannot see him, but we know that he is here. He lives deep inside all people who believe what Jesus says. He continues the work that Jesus began in this world.

spirit/evil spirit ~ a spirit is alive but we cannot see it. It does not have a body, but we know that it is there. It is like the wind. There are spirits that do good things. And there are spirits that do evil things. We cannot see evil spirits (demons) but they are there. We can feel that they are there, sometimes. They come from the *devil.

unbeliever ~ someone who is not a *believer.

worship ~ when we think about God. We think about what he is like and what he is doing. And then we tell him how wonderful he is. We can worship him by ourselves. Or we can meet with other believers to worship him. Then we all together say or sing about how great God is.


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