The Man Who Disagreed With God?

EasyEnglish questions (2800 word vocabulary) on the Book of Jonah

G. Hibbs

A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.


About These Questions

These are questions on the biblical text of Jonah.

We hope that these questions will help you to understand the text. We also want to help you use the text in real life. These questions are not examination questions with right or wrong answers.

Chapter 1

v1-2 Who spoke to whom? Where did God want Jonah to go? What did God want Jonah to do? Why?

v3 What did Jonah do? What price did he really pay?

v4 What was God's reaction to what Jonah did? What was the result?

v5 What was the difference between Jonah and the sailors? What did the sailors do to try to change things?

v6 What did the captain think Jonah should be doing?

v7 How did the men decide to find out who was guilty?

v8 Who first asks you questions like this that you hear? God, yourself or other people? If you are wise, who would it be?

v9 Who are you? What would you say if someone asked you? Was what Jonah said right?

v10 Why were the men so scared when they had their own gods? What could the men not understand?

v11 What did the men experience? Where did they expect to find an answer?

v12 What was Jonah's reply to the men? Did Jonah understand his situation?

v13 What did the sailors want to do? What did they try to do? What was the result?

v14 What do these sailors know about the *Lord? What did they know about the value of human life? What did they know about justice (being fair)?

v15 Who threw Jonah into the sea? What did the *Lord do then?

v16 What happened to the men? What did they do as a result?

v17 What do you learn about the *Lord? What do you learn about Jonah and the huge fish?

Chapter 2

v1 What was Jonah's situation? What did Jonah do?

v2 What was Jonah's situation? Whom did Jonah expect to be able to help him? What happened?

v3 How does Jonah describe his situation?

v4 What did Jonah think had happened to him?

v5 What had been Jonah's situation?

v6 What does Jonah describe? Whom does Jonah speak to? Why?

v7 What happened to Jonah? What did the *Lord do?

v8 When you *worship something other than the *Lord God, what happens?

v9 What promises did Jonah make to the *Lord? What did Jonah say about the *Lord?

v10 What did the fish know of the *Lord? How did the fish show it understood?

Chapter 3

v1 What do you learn?

v2 What must Jonah do?

v3 What did Jonah do? Why? What do you learn about Nineveh?

v4 What did Jonah do? What did he say to the people?

v5 What did the people of Nineveh do? How did the people show that they believed God's message? Who did these things?

v6 What was the king of Nineveh's first reaction to Jonah's message? How did he show that he understood the message?

v7 What did the king declare to the people of Nineveh?

v8 Name four (or more) things that the king of Nineveh commanded everybody to do?

v9 What did the king of Nineveh think that God might do?

v10 What do you learn about the people? What did God do? What does that teach you about God?

Chapter 4

v1 How did Jonah feel about what the people of Nineveh did?

v2 Name five (or more) things that Jonah knew about God.

v3 What did Jonah ask God to do? What did Jonah think was better for him?

v4 How did the *Lord reply to Jonah's anger?

v5 Tell the story of what Jonah did? What did he want to see?

v6 What did the *Lord do for Jonah? What did Jonah do about it?

v7 What did the *Lord do? What happened?

v8 What did God do? What happened to Jonah? Is death better than life?

v9 What do you learn about God's view of anger and Jonah's view?

v10 What did God do to help Jonah understand?

v11 What do you learn about God's care? What do you learn about the people of Nineveh?

Word List

Lord ~ a title for God, to show that he is over all.

worship ~ to give honour to God or to a false god.


1997-2001, Wycliffe Associates (UK)

This publication is written in EasyEnglish Level B (2800 words).

December 2001

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