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Psalm 19

An EasyEnglish Translation with Notes (about 1200 word vocabulary) on Psalm 19


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Words in boxes are from the Bible. Words in brackets, ( ), are not in the Hebrew Bible.


There are many other things that Jesus did. If somebody wrote them down, I think that the whole world would not be big enough for all the books! (John 21:25)

Psalm 19

 (This is) a song of David for the music leader.

v1   The heavens are telling us about the glory of God.
  The sky is showing the things that his hands have made.

v2   One day pours out the story to another day.
  One night tells the next night what it knows.

v3   (But) they do not use words and have no languages.
  Nobody hears their voice.

v4   (Yet) what they say goes into all the earth.
  Their words go to the ends of the world.
  God has made a home for the sun (in the sky).

v5   The sun comes out from his home like a bridegroom.
  He is very happy to run fast, like a very strong man.

v6   His sunrise is at one end of the heavens.
  He travels in a big circle to the other end.
  Nothing can hide from the heat of the sun.

v7   The book of the LORD is wonderful.
  It makes people feel alive again.
  We can trust what the LORD tells us.
  He points out the way when we are not sure of it.

v8   What the LORD tells us to do is always right.
  It makes us feel happy deep down inside us.
  What the LORD commands us is pure.
  It makes our eyes shine with new light.

v9   The fear of the LORD is a clean fear.
  It will always remain with us.
  Every word that the LORD says is true.
  Every one of them is righteous.

v10   They are of more value than gold,
  even a lot of pure gold.
  They are sweeter than honey,
  even the best honey that bees make.

v11   Also, they are a guide to your servant.
  Good things come if he obeys them.

v12   Who can know when he has made mistakes?
  Forgive me all my secret sins.

v13   Also, stop your servant from wanting to sin.
  Do not let sin rule over me.
  Then nobody will say that I did wrong.
  I will be clean (because you help me).
  I will not do anything very bad.

v14   Lord, I want everything that I say to make you happy.
  I want all my thoughts to please you.
  You are my Rock and you are my Redeemer.

Word list

yet ~ another word for but

bridegroom ~ a man that is marrying a woman

command ~ tell (with authority) someone to do something

fear ~ here it means awe, thinking that someone is great

sweeter ~ more than sweet

honey ~ sugar made by bees

bee ~ a small insect

please ~ make happy

Redeemer ~ another name for God (it means that he made us free)

The story of Psalm 19

We do not know when David wrote Psalm 19. Perhaps it was one morning when he had been out all night with his sheep. He saw the sunrise over Moab. What David saw spoke to him about God. David remembered the stars that he saw at night. God made the stars. In the morning David saw the sun. God made the sun. All that David saw told him about God. He heard no words, there was no language. But David knew that everything was telling him about God.

Then David remembered something else. He remembered the word of God. We call it the Bible. That told him about God as well. David did not have the whole Bible. He only had the start of the Old Testament. But it told him about God. And it made David very happy. But it also made David think. It made him say to himself, "Am I a good or bad man?" He prayed that God would forgive him. David was, perhaps, sitting on the top of a great rock. That spoke to him about God as well! God was like a rock to David. So David called God "My Rock". He also called God his Redeemer. A Redeemer is someone that pays the price to make a slave free.

What Psalm 19 means

Psalm 19 is about words. In verses 1 - 6 nobody speaks the words. We see the moon and the stars and the sun. We see the earth and the animals and the plants. They all make us feel inside ourselves, "Somebody made all this". The psalm tells us in verses 1 and 4 who that is. His name is God. We have a special name for all these things that God made. We call them all "nature". Nature is like a very big book. It tells us, "God made everything".

Now look at verses 7 - 11. Can you find the name "God" in it? No, because here God has a different name. Here he is the LORD. This is the name that people use when they decide to follow God. He becomes their LORD. This part of the psalm is not about the book of nature. This is about the book that we call the Bible. Psalm 19 is a very small part of the Bible. You are reading Psalm 19 in a small book. It has only 112 pages. Bigger books have a lot of pages. David did not have books like ours. He had scrolls. These were long piece of paper. Scrolls were several metres long. God did not write the nature scroll down. It is just a picture to give us help.

So, here are 2 important books about God. In the book of nature we learn how great God is. We learn that he is wonderful. We may feel afraid of him. Christians call this "awe". It makes us want to tell God that he is wonderful. We call this "worship". The other book is the Bible. It tells us how to follow God, and make him our LORD.

Verses 12 - 14 tells us how to start following God. Look on after Psalm 1 if you want help.

Something to do

Learn to say Psalm 19:14 by heart.


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January 2001

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