Their Problems and Ours

These Bible Studies are based on a book by Raymond Brown, M.A., M.Th., Ph.D.

They have been translated into Level B EasyEnglish (2800 words) by Mary Read.

We invite you to download, print, and use any of these studies free of charge, but you must include the Copyright Statement included in each document.

About these studies

1 ~ Job: The Problem Of Suffering 

2 ~ Moses: The Problem Of Feeling Inadequate (when someone feelsl the lack of necessary qualities) 

3 ~ Caleb: The Problem Of Fear 

4 ~ Samson: The Problem Of Being Worldly (to have the same attitudes and behaviour as the people of the world

5 ~ David: The Problem Of Slander (when people say evil things that are false against someone) 

6 ~ Jehoshaphat: The Problem Of Anxiety (to be anxious) 

7 ~ Elijah: The Problem Of Depression (to feel or to be depressed) 

8 ~ Jonah: The Problem Of Prejudice (when someone has strong ideas and refuses to think about anybody else's opinions

9 ~ Isaiah: The Problem Of Guilt (to be or to feel guilty)

10 ~ Jeremiah: The Problem Of Doubt 

11 ~ Ezekiel: The Problem Of Times of Trouble 

12 ~ Haggai: The Problem Of Materialism (when people think that money and possessions are most important

13 ~ Malachi: The Problem Of Indifference (when someone does not care. It may be a lack of care about life, or about other people or about the things of God)

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