December 2013




Bible website gets 4million visits in one year

The website  which offers the Bible in easy-to-read English, clocked up four million visitors from more than 200 countries during 2013.

    The EasyEnglish version of the Bible and commentaries use a vocabulary of just 1,200 words and are for those who have learned English as a second language. For those who have a greater knowledge of English there is another level using 2,800 words.

    Both levels follow simple forms of grammar which help to express complex ideas in simpler words and sentences.

    The rules followed include the use of one topic per paragraph, no passive verbs, split infinitives, idioms, rhetorical questions, or, ambiguous pronouns.

    Working from their homes, the team of volunteers involved comprise writers, translators, linguistic and theological checkers, and editors.
    Started 20 years ago, the EasyEnglish project is part of MissionAssist (formerly Wycliffe Associates) which offers a range of services at no cost to overseas mission workers.

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On December 02, 2013, the website had its 4 millionth visitor this year.

Visitors were from 227 countries, from Greenland to Antarctica.

More information about EasyEnglish can be found at or from John Williams.

MissionAssist is the working name of Wycliffe Associates. More information can be found at or from Daryl Richardson, CEO, MissionAssist.

Issued by Eddie Manly, Communications and Marketing director, MissionAssist.