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Titus 2 : Titus must teach all the Christians to do right things

v1 But you, Titus, you must teach right things that belong properly to Godís message. v2 Tell the older men that they must rule themselves well. They must think seriously. They must always do what is proper. They must continue to believe Christ strongly. They must love other people and they must continue to be patient and brave.

v3 Also, tell the older women what they must do. They must always do right and proper things, as Godís people should do. They must never say bad things about people. They must not be drunks. They must teach what is good. v4 So then, they can teach the young women what they must do. The young women must love their own husbands and their own children. v5 The young women must always do what is proper. They must think clean thoughts and they must do good things. They must be good housewives. They must be kind and they must obey their own husbands. So then, nobody will be able to say bad things about Godís message because of what the young women do.

v6 Also, tell the young men strongly that they must always do right and proper things. v7 You yourself must always do good things. So you will show the young men what they should do. When you teach, be honest and serious. v8 Teach things that are correct. So, nobody will be able to say that you are wrong. And so our *enemies will be ashamed, because they cannot say anything bad about us.

v9 Tell the slaves that they must obey their masters always. They must make their masters happy. They must not argue with their masters. v10 Slaves must not rob their masters. Instead, slaves must always do properly what their masters have asked them to do. So people will see that those slaves are always good. So, as a result, everyone will like the message that we teach. They will like it because it has changed those servants. That message about God, our *Saviour, is very good. And people will know that it is good.

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