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Titus 1 : Titus must not let the Christians on Crete believe false teachers

v10 There are many people who refuse to obey anyone. They teach false things that are worth nothing. They want people to believe those false things. They certainly include the teachers who want to *circumcise all Christian men.

Verse 10 Some *Jewish Christians may have taught that the Christians on Crete must obey the *Jews’ rules. They may have taught that people should circumcise all the Christians. To ‘circumcise’ means to cut off the skin that covers the end of the sex part of a boy or of a man. God had told Abraham that he must do this. (See Genesis 17:9-14.)

The *Jews circumcised men and boys to show that Israel’s people were God’s people. But the Bible does not say that Christians need to do that. We are God’s people because Christ died for us. The Bible does not say that all Christian men should cut their bodies.

v11 You must not let those people teach those false things. They are teaching things that they should not teach. So, they are causing whole families to stop believing the true message. Those false teachers’ purpose is bad. They are teaching only because they want people to give them money. v12 Many years ago, one great teacher who lived on Crete spoke like this about his own people. ‘People who live on Crete are always doing bad things. They are always saying things that are not true. They are like dangerous wild animals. They are lazy and they eat too much food.’

v13 What that man said is true. So, you must speak to those people who believe false things. Tell them very strongly that they are wrong. Tell them, so that they may believe the true Christian message. v14 They must stop listening to those *Jewish stories that are not true. They must stop listening to people who have refused to believe the true message. They must stop obeying the human ideas that those people tell them. v15 For people who have clean *spirits and minds, everything is clean and good. But for people who have dirty *spirits and minds, nothing is clean or good. The same thing is true about people who refuse to believe God’s true message. Those people cannot think good thoughts. Even their *consciences have become like something dirty. v16 Those bad people say that they know God. But they do bad things that God *hates. So, everyone can see that those people do not really know God. They refuse to obey God and they are unable to do anything good.

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