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Revelation 9 : The next (sixth) trumpet

v13 The next (sixth) *angel made a sound with his *trumpet. And I heard someone speak to him from the 4 corners of the special, gold table. (This was the table where they burned *incense in front of God.) v14 ‘There are 4 *angels at the great Euphrates river’, the voice said. ‘They cannot move. But now you must cause them to be free.’ v15 God had kept those *angels ready for that special time in that day, in that month and in that year. And the 4 *angels became free to kill a third of (one out of every three) people everywhere. v16 I heard how many soldiers on horses there were in the army. They said that there were 200 million of them.

v17 It was like a dream when I saw those soldiers and horses. They had something like big metal plates over the front of their bodies. These plates were bright red like fire, bright blue, and bright yellow like *sulphur. The horses’ heads were like *lions’ heads. And fire, smoke and *sulphur came out of their mouths. v18 The fire, smoke and *sulphur that came out of the horses’ mouths killed people. These three bad things killed a third of (one out of every three) people everywhere. v19 The horses could kill people with their mouths and with their tails. Their tails were like snakes, with heads, and mouths that could bite people.

v20 All the people that the fire, smoke and *sulphur did not kill were still not sorry. They were not sorry for what they had done wrong. They had made false gods with their own hands. And they did not stop *worshipping bad *spirits or their false gods. They had made false gods out of gold, out of silver (a white metal) and out of bronze (a yellow metal). They had also made false gods out of stone and out of wood. Their false gods could neither see nor hear. Nor could their false gods walk. v21 The people were not sorry that they had done murders. They were not sorry that they used *magic. They continued to have sex with people who were not their husbands or wives. They were not sorry about it at all. And they were not sorry that they robbed other people.

Chapter 9 This chapter tells us that a lot of pain will come to the people on the earth. Many people will die in pain and without God because they are not sorry.

God has heard what his people have said to him. He is *punishing people who do not obey him. They enjoy doing what is bad. They do not want to be God’s servants.

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