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Revelation 9 : The next (fifth) trumpet

v1 The next (fifth) *angel made a sound with his *trumpet. Then I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. Someone gave a key to that star. It was the key to the narrow way that goes into the deep hole. That hole is under the earth and it has no end. v2 The star opened the way into the deep hole. Smoke came up out of the hole, like the smoke from a very big fire. The sun and the sky became dark because of the smoke from the hole.

v3 Locusts came out of the smoke and they came down upon the earth. They received authority to cause much pain. They were like scorpions, which are small animals with poison in their tails. v4 Someone told them that they must not do anything bad to the grass on the earth. They must not attack any plant or any tree. They could only attack people who did not have God’s mark on the front of their heads. v5 The locusts did not have authority to kill those people. They could only cause them very bad pain for 5 months. The people’s pain was like the pain from a scorpion. When a scorpion attacks someone, the poison from its tail can cause very bad pain. v6 During that sad time, people will want to kill themselves. They will want to die because of the pain. But God will not let them die.

Verses 3-11 Locusts are big insects with long legs, and they can jump. They eat plants. They can destroy all the plants in the places that they go through. There are usually very many of them together.

v7 The locusts were like horses that were ready to fight in a war. They wore what seemed to be gold *crowns on their heads. And their faces were like human faces. v8 Their hair was like women’s hair and their teeth were like *lions’ teeth. v9 They had something like large iron plates over the front of their bodies. And their *wings made a great noise like many horses that are pulling *carts. (The horses run with the *carts to fight a war.) v10 They had tails, and they had poison in their tails like scorpions. They had authority to attack people with their tails and to cause them pain for 5 months. v11 The king that ruled them was the *angel of the deep hole. His name is Abaddon in the Hebrew language, and Apollyon in the Greek language. (This name means: ‘someone that destroys’.)

v12 The first great trouble has finished. But there are two other great troubles still to come.

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