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Revelation 8 : The Lamb opens the last lock

v1 Then the *Lamb opened the last (seventh) *lock. And it was completely quiet in *heaven for about half an hour. v2 Then I saw the 7 *angels who stand in front of God. Someone gave them 7 *trumpets.

v3 Another *angel came then. He stood at the special table where people offered gifts to God. He had a gold cup to burn *incense. God gave him a lot of this *incense which makes a nice smell. He offered it to God, with the words that all Godís people prayed. He offered it all on the special gold table that was in front of the *throne. v4 The smoke from the *incense went up in front of God when the *angel offered it. It went up with what Godís people prayed. v5 Then the *angel took the cup and he filled it with fire from the special table. He threw the cup down on to the earth. Then there were loud noises and bright lights, like a very bad storm. And everything on the earth moved.

Verse 3 Many years before Jesus came to this earth, God spoke to Israelís people. He told them to build a special house for him. In this house they *worshipped God and they offered gifts to him. There was a very big table where the *priests burned animals and other gifts for God. (See Exodus 27:1-8.) And there was a small gold table where they burned *incense. (See Exodus 30:1-9.)

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