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Revelation 7 : God marks his people from Israel

v1 After this I saw 4 *angels who were standing at the 4 corners of the earth. They were stopping the 4 winds of the earth. So, no wind could blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree. v2 Then I saw another *angel who was coming up from the east. He was carrying something to make a mark. It was the mark of the God who is alive. This *angel shouted loudly to the 4 *angels. They had received authority to destroy the land and the sea. v3 But he shouted to them: ĎDo not destroy the land or the sea or the trees yet. Wait until we put a mark on our Godís servants. We must put a mark on the front of their heads.í

v4 Then I heard how many people received Godís mark. The number was 144 000 from all the family groups of Israelís people. v5 There were 12 000 from each family group:

12 000 from Judahís family group
12 000 from Reubenís family group
12 000 from Gadís family group

v6 12 000 from Asherís family group
12 000 from Naphtaliís family group
12 000 from Manassehís family group

v7 12 000 from Simeonís family group
12 000 from Leviís family group
12 000 from Issacharís family group

v8 12 000 from Zebulunís family group
12 000 from Josephís family group
12 000 from Benjaminís family group

Verses 5-8 The 12 names in this list were all sons of Jacob (except Manasseh, who was Josephís son). Jacobís other name was Israel. He was the beginning of Israelís people. The *angel did not include the name of Jacobís other son, Dan, in the list.

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