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Revelation 3 : Jesus’ message to the believers at Laodicea

v14 ‘Write this to the *angel of the *church at Laodicea:

This is the message from the one whose name is Amen. That name means: ‘God’s promises and purposes will happen because of him’. He always obeys God. He says and shows only true things. Everything that God has made comes from him.

v15 I, Jesus, know everything that you do. I know that you are neither cold nor hot. It would be better if you were either cold or hot. v16 But you are only warm. You are neither cold nor hot. So I am ready to throw you away completely.

Verses 15-16 In a place near to Laodicea, hot water came up out of the ground. People used the hot water like a medicine. But by the time this water reached Laodicea city, it was not hot. It was only warm. Also, at another city near Laodicea, cold water came up out of the ground. This cold water was good to drink. But by the time it reached Laodicea through a pipe, it too became warm. So then people did not like to drink it. So, people could use both the hot water and the cold water where they came out of the ground. But they did not like the warm water at Laodicea. In these verses, Jesus is saying that he will not use the Christians at Laodicea. They are like the warm water that is not good for anything.

v17 “I am rich”, you say. “I have done well and I do not need anything.” But you do not know how very poor you are really! You are like people who cannot see. You are like people who are without clothes. So that really, other people should feel very sorry for you. v18 I tell you that you should buy gold from me. With my gold, you would be really rich. I have made my gold the very best, because it has been through fire. You should also buy white clothes from me to dress yourselves. Then you will not be ashamed because you have no clothes. You should also buy medicine from me to put on your eyes. Then you will see.

Verse 18 Jesus is not talking about gold or clothes or medicine that we can see or touch. He is telling these people what they need inside themselves. He is talking about what they need in their *spirits. These Christians must receive what only he can give them. They must stop thinking that they are all right. They thought this because they had lots of money.

People with ‘white clothes’ are like a picture of people who are completely good and clean.

v19 I explain things to everyone that I love. When they have done wrong things, I *punish them. So choose only to obey me. Be sorry for what you have done. v20 Look! I am standing at the door of your house. I am knocking on your door. You can hear what I say. So, if you open the door, I will come in. Then we will eat a meal together.

v21 I beat my enemies. Then I sat down with my Father on his *throne. I will let everyone who wins against my enemies sit with me. They will sit on my *throne with me. v22 God’s Spirit is speaking to you in the *churches. You should recognise that the Spirit is speaking. Everybody who recognises that should listen. They should listen to what he says.’

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