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Revelation 3 : Jesusí message to the believers at Philadelphia

v7 ĎWrite this to the *angel of the *church at Philadelphia:

This is the message from the one who is completely good. He is really God. He has Davidís key that shows his authority. What he opens, nobody can shut. And what he shuts, nobody can open.

Verse 7 David was a great king of Godís people, Israel. David lived on the earth many, many years before Jesus lived here as a man. But both men belonged to the same family.

v8 I know everything that you do. Look, I have opened a door in front of you. Nobody can shut that door. I know that you are not very strong. But you have obeyed what I told you. And you have continued to believe me. v9 Some people there say that they themselves are *Jews. But that is not true; they are not really Godís people. They are a group of *Satanís people. I will cause them to come and to bend down in front of you. Then they will know that I love you. v10 You have done what I told you. So you have continued to be very patient. So, I will keep you safe from the time of trouble that will come. It will come to the whole world. Trouble will come to everyone who lives on the earth. This difficult time will show me what each person will do.

v11 I will come quickly. Be careful that you continue to believe me. Then nobody can take away your *crown.

Verse 11 The *crown is Jesusí gift. He gives it to Christians who win against *Satan. He causes them to live with him always. See 2:10.

v12 Everyone who wins against *Satan will always remain in Godís house. I will make them like the strong part of Godís house that holds it up. They will never leave Godís house again. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of my Godís city. The name of that city is New Jerusalem. It will come down from my God. It will come from his home above the earth. I will also write my new name on those people. v13 Godís Spirit is speaking to you in the *churches. You should recognise that the Spirit is speaking. Everybody who recognises that should listen. They should listen to what he says.í

Verse 12 Jerusalem was the capital city of Israel. Israel was the country on this earth where Godís people lived. New Jerusalem will be the place where Godís people (all the Christians) will live always. The last two chapters of Revelation describe this New Jerusalem.

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