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Revelation 2 : Jesusí message to the believers at Thyatira

v18 ĎWrite this to the *angel of the *church at Thyatira:

This is the message from the Son of God. He has eyes that burn like fires. His feet shine like bright yellow metal.

v19 I know everything that you do. I know how much you love me. I know that you go on believing me. I know that you are my servants. I know that you are patient and strong. I know that you do more work now than you did before.

v20 But I have something to say against you. You let that woman Jezebel teach you. She says that she speaks Godís messages. But she leads my servants the wrong way. Godís rules say that someone should have sex only with their wife or their husband. But she teaches my servants to have sex with other people. And she teaches them to eat food that people have given to false gods. v21 I have given her time to be sorry about these bad things. But she refuses to stop having sex with other men. v22 She has done bad things on a bed. So I will hurt her on a bed. I will cause a lot of trouble for those who loved her. They did bad things because of her. They will have very bad trouble unless they are sorry about those bad things. They must stop doing the bad things that she taught them to do. v23 And I will kill those who obey her. Then all the *churches will know that I look deep inside people. I know what they really want. I know what they really think. And I will give each person among you what you ought to have. I will give you this because of what you have done.

v24 But you other people in Thyatira, you have not done what Jezebel taught. You have not learned what they call Ď*Satanís deep secretsí. I say something else to you. I will not ask you to do anything that is too difficult. I do not want you to be like people who must carry something heavy. v25 Only be careful that you continue to believe in me. Believe me until I come.

v26 Everyone who goes on doing what I say will win. They will win against *Satan if they obey me until the end. I will give those people authority to rule all the countries on the earth. v27 They will rule those countries with an iron stick. They will rule like someone who breaks clay pots into pieces. I have received this authority from my Father. v28 I will also give those people the morning star. v29 Godís Spirit is speaking to you in the *churches. You should recognise that the Spirit is speaking. Everybody who recognises that should listen. They should listen to what he says.í

Verse 27 The person who rules the countries will be strong. They will rule completely. (Clay is sticky material from the ground. People make pots out of it.)

Verse 28 The morning star appears in the sky just before the sunrise. It is very bright. It shows us that the day is coming. In chapter 22:16, Jesus says that he is the morning star. After times of trouble, that seem dark like the night, he brings the day. He is promising that Christians will not always have troubles.

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