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Revelation 2 : Jesus’ message to the believers at Pergamum

v12 ‘Write this to the *angel of the *church at Pergamum:

This is the message from the one who has the sharp *sword. That *sword has two edges.

v13 I know where you live. It is the place where *Satan sits as king. But still you go on *serving me. You remember Antipas. He continued to speak about me. Some people who live in Pergamum killed him because of that. You saw it happen. But you continued to believe me and you told others about me. And you still do this, even there in that place where *Satan lives.

Verse 13 Pergamum city was a place where *Satan was powerful. That could be why verse 13 calls it the place ‘where *Satan lives’. There was a special building there for people to *worship the king of Rome. This king was against Christians because they would not *worship him. Also, there was a very big stone table on a hill. People offered gifts to the false god Zeus on this big table. Also, many people *worshipped a snake god. The *Devil appears as a snake in the Bible (Genesis 3).

v14 But I have a few things to say against you. Some people among you do what Balaam taught. He taught Balak to do what was wrong. And Balak caused Israel’s people to want to do wrong things. He caused them to eat food that people had given to false gods. And he caused them to have sex with people who were not their husbands or wives. v15 Also, some people among you do the bad things that the Nicolaitans teach. v16 So be sorry and stop doing all these bad things. If you are not sorry, I will come to you quickly. Then I will fight against those bad people with my *sword. This *sword comes out of my mouth.

Verse 14 Balak was the king of Moab. See Numbers 22:1-25:3.

v17 God’s Spirit is speaking to you in the *churches. You should recognise that the Spirit is speaking. Everybody who recognises that should listen. They should listen to what he says. I will give my special food to everyone who wins against *Satan. I will also give them a white stone. And I will write a new name on that stone. Nobody will know that name except the person who receives it.’

Verse 17 The colour white in the Bible usually means being completely good and clean. So, the white stone may show that God will make us like that. He will make our *spirits completely clean if we continue to believe him.

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