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Revelation 22 : Jesus will come soon

v7 ‘Listen!’ Jesus says. ‘I will come quickly. Every person who obeys me will be happy! They must remember everything that this book describes.’

v8 I am John. I myself heard and saw all these things. I finished hearing them and seeing them. Then I bent down at the *angel’s feet to *worship him. I wanted to *worship the *angel because he had shown these things to me. v9 But he stopped me. ‘You must not do that!’ he said to me. ‘I am God’s servant, like you and the *prophets, who are like your brothers. Yes, I am a servant like everyone who obeys God. God’s servants do what this book says. So *worship only God!’

v10 Then he told me: ‘Do not keep the words in this book secret, because these things will happen very soon. v11 Let everybody continue as they choose. Everyone who does wrong things must continue to do wrong things. Everyone who is bad and dirty must continue to be bad and dirty. Everyone who does right things must continue to do right things. Everyone who is God’s is clean and good. They must continue to keep clean and to be good.’

Verses 10-11 Each person has chosen what they will do. They have chosen whether they will do right things or wrong things. And God will decide what is fair for each person. He will decide because of what they have done.

v12 ‘Listen! I will come quickly!’ Jesus says to us. ‘And I will give each person what they ought to have. They will receive this because of what they have done. v13 I am first and I am last. I cause all things to begin and I cause the end of all things. v14 Those people who believe me keep themselves clean. They are like people who always wash their clothes. They will be happy. I will let them eat the fruit from my tree. That fruit causes people to be alive. And I will let them go through the gates into the city. v15 But these people must stay outside the city:

·  People who like to do what is bad

·  People who do *magic

·  People who have sex with someone who is not their husband or their wife

·  People who do murders

·  People who *worship false gods

·  Everyone who enjoys saying what is not true. And everyone who enjoys doing what is not honest.

v16 I am Jesus. I have sent my *angel to tell you these things. You must tell them to all the people in the *churches. I caused David to be alive long ago, and I am David’s grandson. I am the bright morning star.’

Verse 16 See the words in the box that explain chapter 5:5. Jesus made David and all David’s grandfathers before him, because he is God. Also, Jesus was born into David’s family when he came to this earth as a man many years later.

v17 God’s Spirit and all God’s people tell Jesus: ‘Come!’ God’s people are like a woman who waits to marry Jesus. Everyone who hears them should also say to Jesus: ‘Come!’ Anyone who needs to drink should come to Jesus. He will give water to anyone who wants it. They will not have to pay anything for it. This water causes people to be alive.

v18 I am John, and I say this strongly. I am speaking to everyone who hears the words in this book. If anyone puts more words with the words in this book, God will *punish them. The troubles that this book describes will happen to them. v19 And if anyone takes away from the words in this book, God will *punish them. He will not let them eat the fruit from his tree. That fruit causes people to be alive. God will not let them live in his city either. This book describes all these things.

v20 The person who tells us all these messages is Jesus. ‘Yes, I will come quickly’, he says. This must happen! Come, *Lord Jesus!

v21 I pray to the *Lord Jesus for all God’s people. I pray that he will continue to be very kind to you.

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