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Revelation 22 : The river and the tree in the city

v1 Then the *angel showed me a river that was bright, like a mirror. Its water causes people to be alive. The river started from Godís *throne, which is the *Lambís *throne. v2 It came along the middle of the cityís biggest street. The tree, with fruit that causes people to be alive, was growing on each side of the river. This tree has 12 different groups of fruit. It has new fruit every month. The treeís leaves are like medicine that makes people well in every country.

v3 No bad person, nor anything that God calls bad, will be in the city. But Godís *throne, which is the *Lambís *throne, will be in the city. And Godís servants will *worship him there. v4 They will see his face, and his name will be on the front of their heads. v5 There will be no more night, so nobody will need a light. They will not need the sunís light, because the *Lord God will be their light. And they will always rule as kings.

v6 Then the *angel spoke to me. ĎAll these words are true and everyone should believe themí, he said. ĎThe *Lord is God and he gives his Spirit to the *prophets. He has sent his *angel to his servants. The *angel showed them what must happen soon.í

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