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Revelation 21 : The new heaven and the new earth

v1 Then I saw a new *heaven and a new earth. The first *heaven and the first earth had gone, and the sea was not there any more. v2 I saw God’s city, which is called New Jerusalem. It was coming down out of *heaven from God. The city was ready, like a woman who is wearing beautiful clothes for her marriage. She is ready to meet the man that she is going to marry.

v3 And then I heard someone speak loudly from the *throne. ‘Now God’s home is with human *beings!’ he said. ‘God will live among them and they will be his people. God himself will be with them and he will be their God. v4 Their eyes were wet because they have cried. But God will make them happy. He will cause their eyes to be dry. Nobody will ever die or be sad again. Nobody will ever cry. Nobody will ever have pain again. Everything bad has gone. Everything that belonged to the old world has gone.’

v5 Then God, who was sitting on the *throne, spoke. ‘I am making everything new!’ he said. ‘Write this down, because these words are true. Everyone can believe them’, he said to me. v6 Then he spoke again. ‘It is finished!’ he said. ‘I am first and I am last. I cause all things to begin and I cause the end of all things. I will give water to everyone who needs to drink. My water comes up, like a stream comes up from the ground. My water causes people to be alive. And nobody will have to pay anything for it. v7 Everyone who goes on obeying Jesus will win the fight. They will receive all these things from me. And I will be their God and they will be my children. v8 But I will *punish all the other people. They include:

·  People who are not brave

·  People who do not believe in Jesus

·  People who make themselves like very dirty people because they do very bad things

·  People who do murders

·  People who have sex with someone who is not their husband or their wife

·  People who do *magic

·  People who *worship false gods

·  People who say what is not true

All these people will go into the lake that burns with fire and *sulphur. This lake is the second death.’

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