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Revelation 20 : God sends Satan into the lake of fire

v7 When the 1000 years have passed, God will let *Satan go out of his prison. v8 *Satan will go to people in countries all over the world, the countries that they call Gog and Magog. He will make them believe him. He will tell them what is not true. And *Satan will bring them together to fight a war. There are very many of his people, as many as the bits of sand on the seaís shore. v9 They went across the whole earth. And they arrived at the city that God loves. Then they stood all round the place where Godís people were living. But fire came down from *heaven and it destroyed them. v10 The *Devil had caused them to believe him. He had told them what is not true. So God threw the *Devil into that same lake of fire and *sulphur. It was that same lake where the *Lord had already thrown the strange animal and the false *prophet. The fire there will cause them a lot of pain and trouble all day and all night. It will never finish.

Verse 8 The *prophet Ezekiel spoke about Gog, the leader, and Magog, his people, as great enemies of Godís people Israel. He spoke about them many years before Christ came to the earth. (See Ezekiel 38 and 39.) Ezekiel said that God would destroy these enemies with fire from *heaven. God himself would destroy them because they were such great enemies of his people. So John uses the same names when he describes the last war between Godís people and *Satanís people.

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