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Revelation 1 : Jesus appears to John

v9 I am John, and, like you, I believe Christ. So I am like a brother to you. Jesus is our king. And because we are his people, we are having trouble. So, like you, I need to be strong and patient. I was on Patmos island because I had taught God’s message. I told people what is true about Jesus.

Verse 9 Patmos island was near to ‘Asia’ and the 7 *churches. The Romans had sent John to Patmos because they did not like him to teach about Jesus. Patmos was a prison. The Romans would not let John leave Patmos.

v10 On the *Lord’s day, God’s Spirit caused me to see and to hear things. It was like a dream as the Spirit showed me things. I heard somebody speak behind me. The sound was as loud as a *trumpet. v11 The person said: ‘Write what you see in a book. You must send the book to the 7 *churches in these cities:

Philadelphia and

Verse 10 ‘The *Lord’s day’ may mean Sunday, the first day of the week. This was the day when Christians came together. They met to *worship God.

v12 I turned round to see who was speaking to me. When I turned, I saw 7 lights in gold *lampstands. v13 In the middle of the lights, I saw someone like a man. He was wearing long clothes that reached down to his feet. And he wore a gold belt round the top half of his body. v14 His head and his hair were white like sheep’s hair. They were very white, like snow. And his eyes were like fires that were burning. v15 His feet shone like yellow metal that shines brightly in a very hot fire. When he spoke, his voice was like the sound of many rivers. It was like many rivers that were moving very fast. v16 He held 7 stars in his right hand. And there was a sharp *sword with two edges coming out of his mouth. His face was like the sun when it shines very brightly.

v17 When I saw him, I fell down at his feet like a dead person. Then he put his right hand on me. ‘Do not be afraid’, he said to me. ‘I am first and I am last. v18 I am God who is alive. I died once. But look, I am alive. And I will be alive always. And I have the keys to death and Hades. v19 So write down the things that you have seen. Write about what is happening now. And write about what will happen later.’

Verse 18 Someone who has a key can open a door. Or they can lock a door. They have authority. So, this verse means that Jesus has authority. He can say when a person must die. He can also say where the dead person’s *spirit will go. The Bible shows us that Hades is the place for dead people. Hades is like a city under the ground.

v20 ‘You saw 7 stars in my right hand. You saw 7 lights, in gold *lampstands. This is what they mean. The 7 stars mean the *angels of you 7 *churches. And the 7 lights in their *lampstands mean you 7 *churches.’

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