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Revelation 1 : John writes to the 7 churches

v4 I am John, and I am writing to the 7 *churches. You live in the country called Asia. I pray that God will continue to be very kind to you. I pray also that he will cause you to be without trouble inside yourselves. God will do these things for you. He is alive now and he has always been alive. And he will come.

The 7 *spirits that are in front of God’s *throne will also do these things for you.

Verse 4 We find the number 7 many times in the Book of Revelation. In the Bible, the number 7 usually means that things are whole. It means this: Things are completely what they should be. So ‘7 spirits’ may mean ‘the Holy Spirit’. He is God, so he is completely good.

v5 And Jesus Christ will also do these things for you. He always says and shows true things. He is the first person who became alive again after death for all time. He rules the rulers on the earth.

Jesus loves us. He bled and died for us. That is how he made us free. We are free from all the bad things that we have done. v6 He has made us belong to his family, who rule as kings. He has made us *priests, to be servants of his God and Father. Jesus Christ will always be very great! All authority is his for all time. This is true.

v7 Look, he will come on the clouds! Everyone will see him, even those who pierced him. People from all the countries on earth will be sad because of him. Yes, this is true.

Verse 7 To ‘pierce’ means to use a sharp tool to make a hole in something. The soldiers who killed Jesus put nails through his body to fix him to the cross. (Nails are small pieces of metal with sharp points at the end.) Also, a soldier put a spear into Jesus when he was dying on the cross. (A spear is a long piece of wood or metal with a sharp point at the end. Soldiers used spears to fight.) (See John 19:34-37.)

But we think that ‘those who pierced him’ does not include only those soldiers. The leaders of Israel’s people and of the Roman government in Israel decided to kill Jesus. And perhaps this verse also includes everyone else who does not want Jesus as their *Lord. If they had been alive then, they would have wanted to kill him. All these people will see Jesus when he comes to the earth again. Then they will know that he is the *Lord. They will know that they should have obeyed him. So they will be sad. (See also Zechariah 12:10.)

v8 ‘I cause all things to begin and I cause the end of all things’, says the *Lord God. ‘I have all authority. I am alive and I was always alive. And I will come.’

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