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Revelation 19 : The Lamb’s marriage

v5 Then someone spoke from the *throne. They said:

‘All of you, who are God’s servants,

say how great our God is!

All of you who *serve God and obey him must thank him.

You must thank him, whether you are powerful people or not.’

v6 Again I heard a sound like a very big crowd, and they were shouting. The sound was like the noise of many rivers that were moving very fast. It was like loud noises in a storm. They shouted:

‘How great God is!

Our *Lord God has all authority and he rules!

v7 We will be very happy with him.

We will say how great he is!

The time for the *Lamb’s marriage has come

and his wife has prepared herself.

v8 God has given her bright, clean clothes to wear.’

These clothes are like a picture of the good things that God’s people have done.

v9 Then the *angel spoke to me. He said, ‘Write down these words: “The people that God chooses will be very happy! He will ask them to come to the *Lamb’s special marriage meal.” This is a true message from God.’

v10 Then I bent down at his feet to *worship him. ‘You must not do that!’ he said to me. ‘I am God’s servant, the same as you are. I am a servant, like all of you who go on believing Jesus. You are like brothers because you believe him. *Worship God! Those who speak for Jesus know what to say because of his Spirit. His Spirit tells them what to say.’

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