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Revelation 15 : The 7 angels with the last troubles

v1 Then I saw another great surprise in *heaven. I saw 7 *angels with 7 troubles. They are the last troubles. And God will stop being angry when they have finished. v2 I saw what seemed to be a glass sea with fire in it. I also saw people who were standing at the edge of the glass sea. Those people had beaten the strange animal and its false god, and the number that means its name. They held *harps, to make music. God had given them these *harps. v3 And they sang the song of Moses, Godís servant, and the *Lambís song. They sang:

Ď*Lord God with all authority,

  what you do is great and powerful!

You are King of all countries at all times.

  Everything that you do is completely fair and honest.

v4 Everyone will *serve and obey you, *Lord.

  They will show how great your name is.

Only you are completely good and clean.

People from every country have seen what you do.

  So they will come and *worship you.

  You always do what is right.í

Verse 3 Moses wrote a song after God had led Israelís people safely across the Red Sea. (See Exodus 15:1-18.)

v5 After this I looked and Godís house in *heaven was open. That house is like Godís tent, where he lived among his people Israel. v6 The 7 *angels with the 7 troubles came out of Godís house. They were wearing clean clothes that were shining. And they had gold belts round the top half of their bodies. v7 Then one of the 4 *beings that were alive gave 7 gold cups to the 7 *angels. The cups were full because God was very angry. He is the God who will always be alive. v8 And Godís house became full of smoke because God is so great and so powerful. Nobody could go into Godís house until the 7 troubles finished. The *angels were bringing those last 7 troubles.

Verse 5 A tent is a house that people have made out of cloth or animalsí skins. They put the cloth or the skins over long pieces of wood to hold them up. People can move a tent-house to different places. Many years ago, Israelís people were travelling from Egypt to their own country. They were living in tents. God told them to make a special tent for him. Then he would live there among them. (See Exodus 26.)

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